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What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is derived from resin extracted from hemp plants. This cannabinoid rich resin is purified and yields an oily concentrate, rich in CBD and other beneficial phytochemicals. Further purification can be performed to create different types of CBD oil.

There are three primary CBD concentrates: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and distillates (isolates).

Full Spectrum

An amber/gold extract abundant in other cannabinoids such as THC, CBG, CBN, CBC, THCV and other aromatic compounds found in hemp flowers.

Broad Spectrum

A less crude alternative to full spectrum, broad spectrum has many of these same compounds, but has been stripped of Delta 9 THC entirely.


This is the most purified form of CBD, often distillate only has traces of other cannabinoids. It tests between 85-99.9% CBD, and is completely void of terpenes.

Benefits of CBD oil

  • Promotes calmness and relaxation
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Supports memory and mental clarity
  • Aids in restful sleep
  • Supports healthy nervous system function

Invigorate your wellness routine with CBD oil

Indulge in the total relaxation and bliss of CBD oil products. No matter your preference in oil type, tincture, or capsule, these products will allow for custom dosing, and deeply replenishing effects for all of life’s major aches and pains.