CBD Drinks

A refreshing alternative to edibles

In a new era of mocktails and superfood pressed juices we find a new beverage taking center stage: CBD drinks. These specially formulated beverages are infused with a full serving of CBD oil, presenting a new option for CBD edible fans.

Many of these pre-made drinks, coffees, and teas are sugar free and come with additional health benefits from other botanical ingredients. Herbs like camomile or fruits like mango intensify the effects of CBD in the body working synergistically with the active cannabinoids and terpenes. While some CBD drinks are better for rest and relaxation, some enhance CBD’s uplifting and mood enhancing effects to energize the body and mind.

Looking to level up your self care with a CBD drink? Explore our product reviews, DIY mocktail recipes, safety guides on drinking CBD.

What are CBD drinks?

Many of these drinks utilize emulsification agents to properly infuse them with CBD oil. This is an ingredient that helps suspend CBD oil evenly through a water-based formula. This technology ends up making CBD more bioavailable in a nano-particle form, which is more easily absorbed in the body.

This may be a complex process, however we have shared some inside knowledge from industry product formulators so you can play with crafting your own signature CBD drinks at home. We cover additional topics around safety, and drug interactions so you can enjoy CBD beverages with ease, avoiding any negative effects.

Benefits of CBD beverages

  • Nanoemulsion formulations increase bioavailability
  • Faster absorption than other CBD edibles
  • Uplift and balance mood
  • Enhance focus and mental clarity

Pure bliss one sip at a time

Pairing excellent CBD extract with gourmet tea and coffee beans offers an entirely new CBD experience. These drinks are enhanced by the beneficial interactions between the plant-based ingredients, making them even more specialized than your standard edibles. Find balance with infused coffee as CBD calms your nerves, leaving you focused and alert without the jitters or stomach symptoms.

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