CBD Vape

Immediate relief, countless concentrates, exquisite flavours

They come in all shapes and sizes, flavors and concentrations but one thing is universal about Express CBD Vapes: each puff is guaranteed to be as good as the last. All of our vape products are developed by the industry leaders in CBD vaporizers. Each product is formulated with highly refined CBD extracts in a wide range of potencies, flavors, and extract varieties.

Want to learn more about vapes before purchasing one? We have compiled our vape product reviews along with Express CBD Blog’s articles to give you a full run down on buying and using vapes available through our store.

Selecting a vape can be tough with so many choices. We hope that these resources will help guide you towards the right vape so you can enjoy CBD anywhere you go.

What are CBD vapes?

There are two primary types of vape you may be interested in trying: disposable vapes and refillable/rechargeable vapes. While disposable pens are convenient and typically more sleek in design, refillable and rechargeable carts come with more variety in hardware and oil concentration.

Depending on your preferences for flavor, strength, and extract type you can choose your vape. Some products come cut with agents to help with stabilizing viscosity, however some vapes work great with raw CBD oil.

Though there are a lot of factors to consider when selecting a vape, we have a number of guides to help you determine what kind of oil, hardware, and effects you are seeking out.

Benefits of vaping CBD

  • Fast acting (effects in under 2 min)
  • Discrete on the go CBD
  • Easy to use
  • Great to share

Puff, puff, pass, repeat

Still curious about learning more about CBD and how to best maximize the use of your vape? Head to Express CBD Blog and discover all the ways you can elevate your vape experience.