Explore the unique flavors and effects

Terpenes are a vital component of any well-rounded CBD extract. Not only do terpenes give off the distinct aromas and flavors we know and love, but they also come with their own targeted effects. While some can leave you sleepy and cozy, others might energize you and stimulate creativity.

These essential oils are common in many of our product lines available through Express CBD. To help keep you up to date on all the talk on terps we have an extensive catalog of resources and product reviews that will get you familiar with these incredible compounds.

What are terpenes?

These volatile compounds are just one of the many found inside hemp extracts. They account for a small fraction of the resin grown in the same glands that produce CBD. There are over 400 known unique terpenes found within hemp/cannabis alone. Every plant will have its own distinct ratio of terpenes and other phytochemicals that make up its one of a kind CBD resin profile.

Various strains have been studied for their specialized effects on everything from anxiety to tumor growth suppression, and although terpenes have not been cited as a primary factor in these cases, terpenes have been seen to exhibit therapeutic effects in other applications.

Identifying scents and effects

Terpenes can often be identified by their sharp, piney, earthy, and citrus-like scent. There are many more aromatic chemicals in CBD oil that have more floral, fruity, sweet, and cheesy top notes, however terpenes occur most abundantly.

Depending on the combination of terpenes found in CBD oil, the effects may vary slightly. For instance, an abundance of terpinolene can feel stimulating, whereas linalool makes you feel dreamy like lavender and chamomile flowers.

No matter your preference, there are many terpene blends to try. Finding the ones that make you feel your best is a great way to make informed purchases on new products or brands. If you know that Chem 91 helps you relax the best, other Chem strains will feel similar!

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