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CANNDID CBD Infused Ground Coffee Review

This fresh and unique alternative to CBD edibles had me really excited as an avid coffee drinker. Nothing gets me more energized at the start of my day like a fresh brewed coffee. But adding CBD to my morning ritual made it that much better! CANDID CBD Coffee does just that.

Product overview

This medium to dark roast comes fully ground and infused with 100mg of CBD. With approximately 10 servings per package, there is roughly 10mg of CBD per 10g of coffee. It can be brewed almost any way you love at home – it works great for pour over, drip, and espresso. 

Candid CBD uses Colombian Excelso Huila coffee beans, which gives it a classic flavor. They infuse the ground beans with 100 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, which undergoes rigorous testing to ensure quality and compliance with the legal limits for THC (less than 0.3%). 

My experience

Initially opening the bag it was so fresh and aromatic! I decided I wanted to try brewing it through my current favorite, the Italian moka stovetop espresso maker. I weighed 20 g of coffee which was just enough to fit into a quad sized filter, serving two double shots of espresso coffee. 

It brewed similar to other coarse ground medium to dark roast coffees, producing a dark but smooth coffee. 

Tasting it straight out of the pot as black espresso, I noticed a powerful nutty flavor along strong bitter and acidic notes similar to a classic drip coffee (not as creamy as your traditional espresso shot). It came together perfectly when I added honey, oatmilk, and ice to make the perfect honey CBD latte. 

The coffee became considerably more mild with the added oatmilk, almost creating a soft coffee-milk beverage with hardly any bitter notes. 

Initial effects of the coffee kicked in quickly within minutes, however the CBD did not take effect for another 30-40 minutes. I was so impressed when the CBD took effect, as it got me feeling twice as energized and uplifted as a normal cup of coffee, without any of the jitters or anxiousness that comes with caffeine. 

The effects of the CBD stayed with me as I slowly sipped on the coffee all morning, leaving me feeling calm and clear-minded. 

Pros and Cons

What makes this CBD Coffee an amazing choice

  • For anyone that likes a more mild coffee flavor but strong awakening effects, this is an amazing option as the CBD brings an extra boost of energy. 
  • If coffee often leaves you feeling racy and over-stimulated, this may be a perfect alternative. It is even more energizing without the negative effects of caffeine. 
  • Making your own edible at home is such a fun way to integrate CBD into your daily life. 
  • The fact it does not come pre-brewed means a longer shelf life and produces less overall waste. 

Where this product is lacking

  • Dosing properly requires weighing out exactly 10-20g of coffee per serving. I believe dosing higher than this may actually be too strong a dose (for me personally). 
  • Though this product is made with the most incredible ingredients, some coffee connoisseurs might not like the overall flavor of the black coffee without added milk or sweetener. This isn’t as delicious as a black coffee. 
  • Some CBD beverages are pre-dosed in a bottle or can for ease, this requires a little extra care to prepare.

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