CANNDID Chamomile CBD Tea
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CANNDID Chamomile CBD Tea Product Review.

As an avid tea drinker, I was so excited when I found out that CANNDID not only makes CBD infused coffee, but also full plant tea products. Having a caffeine-free option for a CBD beverage is an absolute necessity for unwinding after a long, busy day. CANNDID chamomile CBD tea is by far one of the most unique and holistic CBD edibles I have ever come across!

Product overview

CANNDID’s “Time to Sleep” CBD tea is made with the most high-quality but simple ingredients. Whole leaf chamomile is combined with hemp flower (50%) to make a perfect pairing for deep relaxation. 

This product is individually packaged to make dosing easy, and each tea bag contains roughly 15 mg of CBD directly from the hemp flower. This all-vegan option is ideal for evening and bedtime use, to help soothe your nerves and calm your mind. 

CANNDID Chamomile CBD Tea
CANNDID Chamomile CBD Tea

My experience

When trying this one out for the first time I decided to try two different brewing methods to see how the hemp leaf steeped, as this was my first time brewing a hemp-leaf tea. I opted to make one following the instructions on the box, by steeping it for 5 minutes, while I brewed a second cup that only steeped for 1 minute. 

The color difference was very noticeable between the two, with the shortened steep time yielding a soft golden yellow color, and the 5 minute cup appearing more dark, yellow-amber. To my surprise, both cups tasted absolutely amazing! There was hardly any bitterness or hay flavor from the hemp, with the 1 minute steep being more mild and floral. 

I could tell that the 5 minute steep may have pulled more of the compounds out of the hemp. This brew had an immediate mouth feel – as if the cannabinoids were tingling my tongue. Both teas were so dreamy and smooth with a mild and pleasant flavor. Adding honey would definitely add to this blend of flavor, but it isn’t necessary for an amazing flavor experience. 

The effects came on as expected, within 50 minutes of drinking the tea. It is recommended on the package to drink this tea 45-60 minutes before bed. This was spot on from my experience. It was a very mellow and relaxing sensation. I felt my mind clear and my shoulders softened. The effects lasted for almost 2 hours, making it a great way to drift to sleep but not wake up groggy. 

Pros and Cons

The best parts about this tea blend

  • The chamomile used is some of the most amazing quality. It’s the best I have seen in a tea bag product – with full flowers still fresh and intact. This speaks to how medicinal the ingredients are!
  • Although chamomile is a delicate flower to brew and can easily burn, I felt the hemp was so robust that it is difficult to over-steep or harm the flowers. 

Things to be aware of before taking

  • CANNDID’s chamomile CBD tea definitely induces a sedative effect, I would urge caution when drinking this. Though the effects are mild, I could see this causing drowsiness. 

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