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Terpenes Cali Greens Bring Flavor to CBD Wellness

Nothing says summer quite like fresh fruit and deep relaxation. This year you can incorporate all these summer staples into your wellness regiment by trying Terpenes Cali Greens line of CBD products. These all natural CBD tinctures, topicals, and vapes are sure to keep you feeling fresh and stress-free this summer. 

Where Cali Greens all started

Founded in 2018, Cali Greens is a United Kingdom based brand, specializing in award-winning CBD products. They pride themselves in selecting high quality ingredients. All of their CBD is derived from Colorado hemp farms. All of the plants are responsibly farmed under USDA organic practices and are third party tested in the UK. 

Terpenes Cali Greens Best Sellers

One of the most popular products in their line up is the Terpenes Cali Greens CBD Drops. This liquidus product, similar to your classic tincture, is a food supplement and sublingual CBD treat. This all-vegan, organic product packs a subtle 2.5mg per drop, perfect for finding your sweet spot for dosing. Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced CBD lover, the CBD Drops are a safe and easy way to take your CBD. 

CBD Drops are an all natural infusion of CBD isolate and extracted terpenes. They come in four delightful flavourings, with 1500mg of CBD per bottle (that’s up to 300 doses). It is a THC-free blend, so you can avoid any unwanted side effects of cannabis. 

These drops are great for daytime and nighttime use, and are an excellent choice for stress-relief and minor relief from inflammation. The subtle effects of low dose CBD over long periods of time can result in other benefits for the nervous system and immune support. 

Simple ingredients, real results

The Terpenes Cali Greens CBD Drops are made with only a few key ingredients. This makes it so they can focus on quality and precision with effects, ensuring a safe and clean product. 

What goes into CBD Drops

  • CBD Isolate
  • MCT Oil
  • Terpenes
  • Natural Flavours 

Now, you may be curious about the umbrella category of natural flavourings – but you may be pleasantly surprised that even these ingredients are beneficial for your health! 

Four flavours to bring a refreshing twist to how you unwind

  Quality hemp and CBD aside, flavouring is the game changer that sets Cali Greens apart from their competition. Each flavour recipe is made from all natural fruits and botanical ingredients. Meaning each product is rich in complex compounds, many of which have synergistic effects with CBD. 

Did you know many of the medicinal compounds in citrus and herbs are commonly found in cannabis as well? In fact, these molecules are found in many botanical products used for aromatherapy and relaxation. Esters, aldehydes, and terpenoids combine with CBD to enhance its anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects. 

Each product with natural flavouring is mixed into vegetable glycerin and/or propylene glycol to ensure each dose is accurate and all products are shelf stable. VG and PG are also known to be safe for most allergies, specifically for tree-nut allergies. 


Delicious and sweet, this fruity and tropical blend is the best for deep relaxation. That is because mango is packed with the terpene myrcene – a compound known to intensify the effects of CBD and THC, giving a strong sedative and relaxing effect perfect for the end of a long day. 


This floral and bright citrus flavor is packed with limonene and other vibrant terpenes known to uplift and awaken the mind. Tap into your creativity, or share this with friends when going out for a cheerful experience. 


This cooling and soft herbal flavor is refreshing and light, perfect for any time of day. Soothe and restore with this digestive friendly blend, perfect for soothing your stomach and supporting emotional balance and well being. 


This rich and dark fruity flavour is an amazing option for anyone looking to experience the benefits of CBD without the exaggerated effects from the other fruity flavors. 

CBD vapes infused with legendary strain flavors by Terpenes Cali Greens

Terpenes Cali Greens also offers a line of disposable vaporizers. These discrete carts are amazing for on-the-go CBD and are legal across Europe. Each strain is formulated with the same quality of natural, vegan terpenes and flavourings sure to satisfy many different palettes. 

Each strain can have varying effects; some will provide more sedative and physical relief, while others may be energizing and provide mental clarity. Cali Greens has over seven strain specific flavors available through select retailers, such as Express CBD. 

Below we break down the basics of each strain and their known benefits. 

1 . Granddaddy Purple

GDP is likely one of the most globally recognized connoisseur strains of all time. Deep fruity notes are paired with a strong musk, sure to leave you feeling relaxed. 

2. Lemon Haze

This bright and uplifting blend has top notes of lemon citrus and pine. The strong blend of terpenes provide amazing anti-inflammatory effects and help with drowsiness and mood stability. 

3. Amnesia Mango

This Swiss bred strain is a cross of Mango Haze and Amnesia. It is a robust flavor with uplifting and euphoric effects. Similar to the mango CBD Drops, the Amnesia Mango vape can be more sedative than other fruity varieties. 

4. Berry Kush

This American West Coast strain is a potent indica dominant strain derived from Blueberry and OG Kush strains. The effects are more calming, with a sweet and fruity profile sure to interest both new and old CBD lovers. 

5. Black Currant Ice

A hybrid strain made from Black Domina and White Widow, Black Currant Ice is an indica dominant blend that tastes like a pen filled with ripe berries. This is a heavier hitter, perfect for supporting a great night’s sleep.

6. Blue Dream

This classic tangie cross is a perfect daytime choice, for its energizing effects. Subtle notes of citrus and spice make this a great option for beginners looking to try CBD but love the classic cannabis flavor of a sativa flower. 

7. Fruit Flavors 

In addition to the cannabis strains, Cali Greens also offers their vapes in the signature flavors of the CBD Drops. You can enjoy fresh mint or juicy mango flavors you know and love from the sublingual products now in the same easy to use vaporizers. 

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