Does CBD Make You Lose Weight
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Does CBD Make You Lose Weight?

As many of you already know, cannabidiol, also known as CBD, one of the most popular non-psychoactive cannabinoids found in Cannabis Sativa and Hemp plants, is praised for its various benefits.

Today, CBD comes in various extracts and products like oils, sprays, topicals, gummies. And other forms marketed to have several benefits ranging from aiding in depression and anxiety symptoms to pain reduction and other health benefits.

Although there is abundant research and studies that link CBD as a promising treatment for many health problems in the near future. There has been no conclusive evidence in recent times.

In addition, there is only one CBD oil that is approved by the FDA, Epidiolex, which is used in treating seizures. While most products are off-label and yet to be proven otherwise. 

However, much like popular beliefs on CBD aiding various health issues. Researchers are on the lookout for the possibilities of CBD aiding in weight loss to help people avoid issues relating to being overweight. That said, we’ll be looking into the existing research, connecting CBD and weight loss, and answering the hows, whats, and if CBD does help you lose weight. Read On!

Effects Of CBD On Weight Loss

Seeing as how CBD is extremely popular among the masses. With myriads of anecdotal evidence shown on the internet by users daily. This compound is among the most researched.

That being said, how does CBD work regarding weight loss? If you’ve been this cannabinoid’s biggest fan. Even though there is no definitive proof, you’d most likely know that research suggests it interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system. 

For those of you new to this and have questions concerning what the purpose of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is in our body. It plays an essential role in influencing numerous physiological processes. Including regulating metabolism and appetite, along with other functions.

This simply means that ECS helps balance everything by controlling sleep, mood, and appetite, all factors leading to maintenance or loss of weight.

Hence, it only makes sense that researchers are genuinely fascinated with the therapeutic effects CBD might have on promoting weight loss. However, while recent research claims that it does help burn fats. Along with other factors contributing to weight loss, there have not been any human trials or results yet regarding its effectiveness.

Does CBD Make You Lose Weight?

As we’ve mentioned, until further research results prove that CBD has a direct link to helping you lose weight. It cannot be considered a treatment on paper. However, that doesn’t mean it will be ineffective for you or users who have been using CBD to treat numerous conditions with potent results.

This brings us to our question: does CBD make you lose weight? While there isn’t a definite answer yet, science, evidence, and research may suggest that CBD oils and other products may promote weight loss. Here’s how:

CBD May Help Reduce Appetite

Unlike THC, which is notorious for giving you the “munchies,” research suggests that CBD, on the other hand, reduces appetite, making it perfect for people who are maintaining or trying to lose weight.

The science behind this is that THC, when ingested, stimulates the CB1 receptors and. As a result, releases the hormone that is responsible for making you go hungry. However, CBD, on the other hand, opposes the same CB1 receptor, which may help you reduce your appetite.

In addition, CBD also stimulates the CB2 receptors, which play an important role in keeping your metabolism in check and, as a result, reducing food intake and decreasing inflammation, all of which are useful in promoting weight loss.

That said, since THC plays the role of an antagonist when you’re trying to lose weight using CBD, it is best to choose an oil in the broad spectrum category or isolate, depending on your taste and preference.

CBD May Help Eliminate Sleep Deprivation 

When a person suffers from sleep deprivation, they usually have higher levels of ghrelin, a hormone that increases appetite, and decreased levels of leptin, which makes them feel less filled or full.

In addition, sleep deprivation causes various mental disorders like anxiety, depression, etc.. Leaving you with depressive overeating, all leading to increased weight gain.

Numerous studies suggest that CBD oils, such as Goodrays CBD, help promote better sleep and reduce anxiety. Lessening the risk of releasing increased levels of ghrelin, giving you more snuggly time. And ultimately leading to healthy weight loss.

CBD May Promote Fat Browning

Simply put, there are two types of fat in the human body. The white and the brown! White fat is predominant and considered lousy fat, and it is responsible for the storage and supply of energy. Usually, when it is excessively accumulated, you’re prone to numerous illnesses, ranging from heart disease to diabetes.

On the other hand, brown fat is the calorie-burning type of fat we need to lose weight. This type of fat is mainly associated with people who are considered to be in the healthy weight category. Depending on their age, weight, and other factors.

Now, where does CBD come into all of this? You guessed it; research shows that CBD aids in the process of converting white fat to brown fat cells by intensifying the expression of specific proteins and genes that boost brown fat.

Are There Any Risks?

While there are so many research studies. Including anecdotal evidence in recent times suggesting that CBD has numerous connections leading to weight loss. There are no definitive results. Since users are at personal risk, there are a few things to consider.

For one, in no way should anyone use CBD products as the sole means of treatment for their obesity problems. This means that while these supplements may aid in your journey. They will not magically help you lose weight and should not be a replacement for good weight-loss alternatives such as a good diet and regular exercise. 

Instead, use CBD by adding it to your weight loss program to see better results. Secondly, since these supplements are not FDA-regulated. Users are always advised to do their own personal research before they purchase them to avoid any issues. Find out more details about choosing the perfect CBD that aligns with your interests by checking out our blog post: How To Use CBD Like A Pro

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