Darwin CBD The Big One 2000mg CBD Vape in Pink Lemonade
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Darwin CBD Pink Lemonade Vape Review

Despite my devotion to flower or hash CBD products, there is nothing that compares to the ease and discretion of a disposable CBD vape. I love to pack one of these in my bag when traveling, to guarantee easy access to CBD on the go. 

There are two things though, that are non-negotiable when selecting the right CBD product: quality flavor, and good hardware. I love sharing my CBD with others, and having a vape that can handle multiple puffs is essential. 

Darwin CBD Pink Lemonade Vape, ‘The Big One’, packs a powerful puff with potent flavor and effects!

Product overview

The Darwin CBD Pink Lemonade Vape is a 2000 mg disposable vape with a solid set of hardware with 1500 mAh that provides potent cloud-like puffs up to 3000 times. Each puff is roughly a 0.66 mg dose of broad spectrum CBD. All Darwin vape products are made in the UK and are incredibly easy to use. 

What sets this vape apart from the rest is both in its strong flavor and powerful battery power. Not only will you be getting powerful pulls to the end of your cartridge, but the flavor will remain rich and fruity until the very end of the vape. 

My experience

My first impression of this product was great, as it is sleek and has a high quality mouthpiece built into the hardware. 

When taking my first puff I was immediately blown away by how strong the flavor was – you could taste the full profile of Pink Lemonade and almost little to no ‘planty’ or green flavors that are typically associated with hemp or cannabis. Instead it was a very upfront fruity flavor that remained on my pallet for easily 20 minutes. 

I would likely only recommend this product to anyone very experienced with vapes, specifically those who love strong fruity, sweet flavors. It could be a great alternative to nicotine vapes for anyone looking to switch to CBD because both the taste and mouthfeel were reminiscent of a nicotine vape. 

Pros and Cons

What I loved:

  • Effects were almost immediate. It took about 2 minutes and was very calming, with a slightly sleepy effect. 
  • It is a robust vape, only takes a little puff to get a great pull on it – the hardware works amazing!
  • This is the best product for sharing, as its size and battery capacity enables perfect puffs again and again.

What I didn’t love:

  • The flavor was a little intense for my taste – but definitely a complex and unique flavor nonetheless 
  • It is a little heavier size wise, as it is The Big One. So for anyone looking for a pocket-sized vape, this may not be your ideal product. Still relatively small and sleek for such a large and powerful battery unit. 

Comparison to other CBD Vapes

This was undoubtedly a very stylish and functional vape, with a flavor that packed a mean punch! It may not be my first pick, as I often prefer hemp or cannabis-specific flavors when vaping CBD. 

But this product would make an excellent treat for anyone who loves a tropical and summery fruit flavor, and wants a more heavy-duty option for on-the-go CBD and sharing with friends. 

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