Kush Vapes Strawberry Banana
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Kush Vape 200mg CBD Disposable Pen Review

Disposable vape pens are a massively popular way to enjoy CBD and other cannabinoids. However, purchasing vapes online can be risky due to the lack of regulation and quality control, which is, unfortunately, still an issue in the industry. Thankfully, products like the Kush Vape 200mg Disposable Pen offer CBD enthusiasts a way to enjoy tasty vapour through cutting-edge design and premium ingredients.

We recently tried Kush Vape’s disposable CBD vape pen in Strawberry Banana and couldn’t be more impressed. For this review, we’ll cover the vape’s technology, taste, aroma, effects, and where you can find an excellent deal online.

Why We Love Kush Vapes

Kush Vapes is among the coolest brands we’ve enjoyed reviewing. Everything about their products demonstrates they’ve invested time crafting highly functional vapes with unparalleled ingredients. The vape brand specializes in curating specific cannabis strains using all-natural terpenes. This brings CBD users closer to the cannabis plant by providing realistic flavour, aroma, and effects.

What are You Smoking On?

The contents of a Kush Vape are extremely simple, exactly how we like our CBD products! You’ll find a THC-free CBD extract, natural terpenes, and a 70VG/30PG blend. The terpenes are dependent on what strain you’ve picked; we tried FLAVOUR, which has the following terpene profile:

  • Terpinolene
  • Beta-caryophyllene
  • Humulene

Kush Vape 200mg CBD Disposable Pen Review

Disposable vapes are far more common in the marijuana industry than cannabinoid hemp, so we rarely get to try and review these types of products. Thankfully, Kush Vape sent their disposable our way because it’s been one of the most enjoyable vaping experiences ever.

Kush Vapes Strawberry Banana
Kush Vapes Strawberry Banana

Below, I’ll provide a complete product overview so you’ll know exactly what to expect before purchasing.

Vape Device

The vape itself is an essential factor in choosing the correct device. While the extract and other ingredients are the most critical aspects of a vape, how the unit pulls and feels in your hand is also essential.

Kush Vape has a sleek, minimalistic, and cutting-edge design that delivers up to 200 puffs. The unit is about the size of a pencil, making it easy to keep in your pocket, purse, or backpack. While the vape is small, it can produce massive clouds with its proprietary airflow technology. You’ll have to give it a good pull, but it’s a smooth ride and will give you some nice billows of cold smoke.


Sadly, this isn’t your product if you are looking for a burst of artificial banana and strawberry flavour. Kush Vape uses natural terpenes in its disposables so that you can experience similar effects to the cannabis strain. Therefore, the taste is subtle, and you aren’t overloaded with intense flavours.


The Strawberry Banana Kush Vape’s aroma matches the taste. It’s more of a natural smell than the sweet, fruity aroma of many vaping products.


After a pull, I experienced an immediate sense of calm. This is due to the substantial amount of CBD and the terpene profile.  

Natural Vs. Synthetic Terpenes

The biggest selling point Kush Vape offers is its use of natural terpenes. Not only does this make for a more realistic smoking experience and effects of the strain, but terpenes also derived from nature are healthier. Synthetics are often designed in a lab with harsh chemicals that can be toxic when consumed. Not for me!

Buy Kush Vape from Express CBD

If you want to try Kush Vape’s 200mg CBD Disposable Pen in Strawberry Banana or nine other classic strains, visit Express CBD! We offer vapes for the best prices online, and you can save up to 20% when buying in bulk.

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