Orange County CBD Blueberry Muffin Disposable Vape
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Orange County CBD Blueberry Muffin Disposable Vape Product Review

Blueberry and cannabis have always been such a perfect pairing to me. I think back to the first times I would dabble with cannabis and hemp flower strains like Grand Daddy Purple, rich with fruity and dark notes. The sensation of smoking these berry-flavoured strains always left me feeling so tranquil. The Orange County CBD Blueberry Muffin Disposable Vape transported me to this very same blissful state, with its decadent scent and dreamy effects. 

Product overview

The OC CBD disposable vape comes with 600mg broad spectrum CBD oil per 1 ml of vape solution. They use their classic CBD oil found in their other broad spectrum products. All OC CBD oil is made using American grown hemp with no traces of THC. 

Each batch is lab tested. You can easily pull up the test results via a QR code on the back of the sleeve to ensure you know exactly what you are vaping

My experience

My first time trying this vape I took two 3 second pulls on it, releasing a pleasing but light cloud of vapor. It is lightly infused with terpenes to mimic a blueberry muffin, which tastes amazing with the subtle earthy flavour of the CBD oil. Overall, this vape has a subtle berry sweetness but does not overwhelm the flavour, on top of a light cannabis note that makes it taste very herbal and pleasant.

Effects were almost immediate, with full relaxation in 1-2 minutes. When dosing, this vape is very easy to use, and pulls well for rich potent CBD effects. The OC CBD blueberry muffin vape would be a perfect option for on-the-go all day CBD use. 

Orange County CBD Blueberry Muffin Disposable Vape
Orange County CBD Blueberry Muffin Disposable Vape

Pros and Cons

The best parts about this vape

  • This vape had a moderate pull to it when inhaling, making this a great option for both heavy and light users. Metering your dose is relatively easy. 
  • The disposable hardware is also recyclable, making this a much more eco-friendly alternative to some other cartridges.
  • Its battery is also fully rechargeable. You can continue to use the same base of the vape with a number of OC CBD’s other amazing signature flavours. 
  • Its small, elegant shape makes it great for tucking into a pocket or bag. 

Things to be aware of before taking

  • Because of the small cartridge size, taking too many powerful rips consecutively may make the vapor hot or harsh. This can be avoided by gentle pulls, as it does not take much to activate the hardware. 
  • The packaging does not list whether or not the other 400mg of vape solution are solely terpenes or if there is a carrier or emulsifier in the mix. Be careful if you have any adverse reactions to MCT, Safflower, VG, or PG. 

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