BEAU-T-FULL CBD Infused Herbal Tea Elevates Daily Life

When it comes to UK traditions, tea and hemp have both been quintessential crops. These two historic herbs are now coming together, in CBD infused tea and brewed beverages. Nothing sounds more delicious than a perfect high tea spread paired with the soothing effects of CBD infused teas. Brands like BEAU-T-FULL are combining the medicinal benefits of CBD with herbal tea blends for an extra healthy alternative to your classic edibles. 

BEAU-T-FULL is setting trends as UK’s leading CBD Infused tea brand

This United Kingdom based brand strives to make the best quality herbal teas. They distribute worldwide, with strong ethics in mind. BEAU-T-FULL products are manufactured with 100% plant-based, organic, and ethically sourced ingredients. Each ingredient used in the teas are fair trade certified, as well as Fair Wild and Fair for Life. 

Beyond their golden manufacturing standards, BEAU-T-FULL is committed to giving back. They promise 1P from every tea bag sold to be donated to mental health charities around the world. CBD and herbal teas have promising benefits for soothing the mind and body, which has inspired BEAU-T-FULL to release a line of medicinal teas for everyday use.

All products by BEAU-T-FULL were designed to support your wellness goals, with a specific aim towards cognitive health. They pair powerful herbal adaptogens with active ingredients like CBD to create flavorful and functional teas for every occasion. 

Enjoy organically grown herbal CBD infusions

If you’re interested in trying medicinal CBD teas, you’ve come to the right place! Below we breakdown in detail the most popular tea blends by BEAU-T-FULL and give you all the tea on herbal medicine. Find out which tea blend is the best for your needs: 

Wide Awake

Their energizing blend, Wide Awake, is a green tea and yerba mate (12%) blend infused with CBD. It is mixed with a selection of delicious fruity and floral herbs for taste and effect. This antioxidant rich tea is perfect for early mornings, or any time you need deep focus and a boost of energy. Many of the ingredients are a rich source of flavonoids and phenolic compounds, known for being high in antioxidant properties. Herbs like lemongrass and ginger root provide warming and soothing anti-inflammatory effects. 

The high levels of antioxidants in this blend are beneficial for cognitive and emotional health. The herbal ingredients have been shown to provide relief from anxiety, depression, PTSD, and various cognitive degenerative diseases. 

All of these herbs are then mixed with hibiscus flower, goji berry, and grapefruit flavors to create a bright and juicy taste.

Tummy & Mind

This cooling, medicinal blend was formulated to help support a happy gut and peaceful mind. Herbs like fennel seed, liquorice root, ginkgo leaf offer deep hydration. These herbs are heavy in minerals and vitamins for soothing and repairing the body and mind. Anti-inflammatory herbs such as cinnamon, ginger, and peppermint offer instant relief to the stomach and support healthy digestion. 

Tummy & Mind is also infused with Bacillus Coagulans (BC), a common probiotic. BC has been shown to have clinical efficacy to significantly improve digestive processes, and symptoms related to IBS.

Deep Sleep

Rest and restore your health with the Deep Sleep blend. This tea is packed with restorative and calming herbs like chamomile, lemon balm, and rosehip. Warming and hydrating botanicals like ginger, liquorice root, and fennel seed offer the body and mind restorative benefits necessary for a healthy mind and better memory. 

This blend is made with immune-supportive herbs such as elderberry and buchu leaf to help your body’s natural healing processes that occur nightly when you sleep. 

These herbs are then paired with blackcurrant for a rich and fruity flavor. Deep Sleep is perfect for unwinding and soothing a restless mind at the end of the day. 


BEAU-T-FULL’s Immunity blend contains a powerful combination of herbs and fruits formulated for boosting immunity. Ingredients like baobab fruit (6%) offer a number of benefits, ranging from aiding in the absorption of iron, to prebiotic and gut health support. 

Classic herbs like elderberry and acerola cherry extract are present, are packed with antioxidants and can help with symptoms of stress and protect your heart’s health. Honey is added to round out the complex and sweet flavor. It also provides an extra immune boost, aiding with inflammation and providing anti-bacterial support. 

An important tip when working with medicinal herbs is to remember to not consume elderberries when actively sick with certain illnesses – as this could intensify or extend the duration of illness. Elderberry is great for building immunity, but in cases of autoimmune illness can exacerbate symptoms in an already over active immune response. 

BEAU-T-FULL Relaxing

Last, we have BEAU-T-FULL’s Relaxing blend. The combination of rooibos leaf and ginger provide relief from inflammation and physical pains in the body. Liquorice root helps hydrate the body, while cardamom pods soothe the stomach and bring down bloating. 

This blend also contains hemp biomass (12.5%), providing a number of other phyto-cannabinoids to provide a full bodied effect from the CBD. This helps enhance the relaxing effects both physically and mentally. The full spectrum cannabinoids work synergistically to reduce symptoms of stress. 

If you are interested in trying this blend, check out BEAU-T-FULL tea products available through Express CBD’s online store

Steep your way to better health with BEAU-T-FULL CBD

Whether you’re looking to rest and restore your mind after a stressful day, or to rise and shine with herbal remedies that keep you uplifted all day – BEAU-T-FULL has something for everyone. Not only are these blends effective, but each is skillfully formulated to taste amazing too. 

This is a great alternative to your standard CBD edibles, as they are sugar-free and easy to dose – just add hot water! BEAU-T-FULL teas are a perfect way to step up your self care, bringing you peace and comfort, one cup at a time. 

For more ways to incorporate CBD into your self care routine without candies or sugar, check out our blog.

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