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CBD Beverages Like Trip CBD Add a New Flare to the Edibles Market

As CBD continues to capture the attention of the health industry, we are beginning to see more novelty products and innovative ways to consume CBD and other medicinal plant ingredients. One of the more compelling of these products are CBD beverages.

It’s possible in the next decade that CBD and other plant-based products could take up space where alcoholic beverages once reigned supreme.

A new wave of CBD edibles: Beverages & Mocktails

There is a growing popularity for non-alcoholic libations, as people are looking for healthy alternatives to celebrate and enjoy socializing but don’t want to center their experience around alcohol. In 2021, Mocktails, or non-alcoholic beverage sales rose 33%, accounting for $331 million sales in the US.

But for those of us looking for a slight buzz to feel relaxed, without all the unwanted health risks attached to alcohol; CBD may be the answer!

The promising science behind CBD drinks

Because CBD is derived from an oil extract, it cannot mix directly into water. This requires formulators to emulsify CBD into the drinks using nanoemulsion technology. This process suspends the CBD molecules evenly into liquid, so every sip is uniformly dosed, and removes any sediment from the bottom of the bottle.

An extra perk to this technology is that nanoemulsion CBD is actually more bioavailable to the body, meaning it is better for absorption into the body. This makes the CBD product incredibly effective for those looking for noticeable results.

Selecting the perfect CBD beverage

Before sampling CBD beverages, it is important to know how to select the right drink for you! It all comes down to four key identifiers for a high-quality CBD beverage:

  • What is the potency of the product?
  • Is the product third-party lab tested?
  • Do they include certificate of analysis (COAs) on their packaging or website?
  • Do these COAs show biological, heavy metal, and pesticide test results?

Once you have vetted a product to be safe and contaminant-free – you can feel safe sipping on that CBD.

Popular CBD beverages on the market

If you’re new to CBD beverages, here are a few reputable brands that are leading the way in CBD infused drinks:

Trip CBD

This United Kingdom based CBD company offers a line of sparkling flavored beverages infused with CBD and other natural adaptogens. They also carry CBD infused cold brew coffee and other high-end CBD edibles.

They are a family brand, founded in 2018 when their founders were looking for solutions for pain management after a sports injury that triggered a number of health struggles for the couple.

Select from a number of elegant flavors, with formulations that are perfect for managing chronic pain and stress.

CBD Blume

Blume was founded in Los Angeles, California – one of the cornerstones of the US cannabis market. They were inspired to produce CBD edible products after the positive impact that CBD had on their own stress management as they overcame obstacles immigrating to the United States from Sri Lanka.

These unique products feature both caffeinated and non-caffeinated teas infused with CBD. These beverages add an interesting twist to CBD edibles, as the caffeine changes the overall experience of CBD. Some consumers report feeling drowsy after consuming CBD on its own, however Blume offers a solution by infusing CBD into black, green, and yerba mate teas to give people a daytime option that is soothing but not sedating.

Mad Tasty Hemp-Infused Sparkling Water

Inspired by the founder’s pursuit to find a way to stay hydrated and support creativity, Mad Tasty developed canned sparkling water that is infused with full spectrum CBD. This pallet of cannabinoids and terpenes present in the CBD extract used offers a wider array of botanical ingredients associated with uplifting, calming, or creative focus.

They take quality seriously and provide third party testing results along with toxicology reports consumers can access on their website. These drinks come at a slightly lower potency of 20mg – making for a subtle and delightful effect!

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