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CBD Cookie Dough & Incredibly Simple CBD Edibles You Can Make at Home

In 2022, 26% of Americans were using CBD, the majority of which were consuming it for pain relief (roughly 64%). With so much clinical promise and consumer reviews showing the potential CBD has as an anti-inflammatory aid, it’s no wonder the market is growing so quickly!

Though, with that growth, we are seeing a massive influx of products on the market, some of which may have low (micro) doses. For treating symptoms of stress or anxiety, a low dose CBD product might be perfect for some, however if you are trying to treat symptoms of physical pain often higher doses are necessary.

It can get expensive buying premade CBD edibles if you plan to use a high dose of CBD, and this is why some folks have turned to a DIY approach in their own kitchen. There are some unique benefits to preparing your own CBD edibles at home, it can save time, money, and turn your favorite recipes into an edible CBD treat.

But why would someone want to take CBD as an edible in the first place? Is it worth all the trouble to prepare and eat?

Why choose edible CBD?

When considering methods of consumption with CBD, each type has their own differences. This can be broken down into onset of effects, duration of effects, and potency. Of course, there are always slight variations depending on if the CBD oil is purified or if there are other botanical compounds present that enhance or alter CBD’s effects.

Edibles are known to have a slightly longer duration for onset, often taking up to 30-90 minutes to take effect. However, because they are metabolized slower, they often remain in the body longer – which can feel like a longer duration of effects (4-6 hours).

This can be great for anyone looking to have long lasting results that don’t necessarily require immediate relief. Common uses for edibles include sleep aid, stress relief, appetite support, and pain management.

Kitchen tools you’ll need

Although there are some benefits like uniformity in a pre-dosed product, you will only need a few simple kitchen tools to achieve that same level of precision.

It isn’t necessary, but it can be helpful to acquire a UVB protective jar to store your bulk CBD as this will keep it from aging quickly. You can also store it in a safe, dry space away from sunlight for preserving shelf stability.

You will need to find a kitchen scale that can measure down to 0.00mg decimal point. These scales can be purchased with metal or plastic powder scoop. They also make disposable scale pans and digital weighing spoons – you can’t go wrong with any of these options!

When weighing out the CBD you will need a small spoon, which you can scoop CBD onto the scale or tray to your desired dose. When dosing a larger batch, remember to dose based on your serving sizes.

For example, if you were making a batch of 20 chocolates, at 50mg a piece – you would need to use an entire gram of CBD.

Three easy homemade CBD edible ideas

Now that you have a basic understanding of what it takes to dose your homemade CBD edibles, here are a few foolproof ways to cook with CBD.

Honey & CBD

Almost like a spoonful of sugar – medicinal, fast and quick! This recipe is the easiest as it requires no heat or cooling. Simply weigh out the desired amount of CBD and set it aside in a large spoon. On top of the spoon drip a small portion of honey, enough to saturated the CBD. Eat this up as is, for a raw and medicinal treat that only takes a minute or two to make.

Frozen smoothie treats

Since CBD is a non-aqueous substance, meaning it does not mix into water on its own. CBD is oil soluble, and must be mixed into oil based solutions or emulsified to blend into a water based edible properly.

To infuse CBD into a fruit smoothie, you must first mix it into warmed MCT or coconut oil. Once the CBD has fully dissolved in the oil, the mixture can then be blended into the smoothie or shake evenly.

When preparing a batch of smoothie doses for later. Simply use an ice cube tray to pour out individual doses that can be frozen and then eaten later or blended back into another shake or smoothie.

CBD Cookie Dough

A slightly more involved option for at home CBD edibles is baking your CBD into your favorite recipes. If you already plan to be baking a batch of cookies, soup, or sauce – you can easily integrate CBD!

Simply melt the CBD via double boiler into the oil or fats used in your recipe. Once CBD has been fully dissolved into the oil it is relatively shelf stable and can last for weeks. Some CBD lovers will even make a mother stock of CBD infused oil to cook with on the regular (a higher potency solution of CBD and cooking oil).

When cooking with CBD it is important to make sure you do not heat the CBD past its boiling point, between 320-356 degrees F. This will ensure that the CBD retains most of its nutritional benefits.

Bonus health points for raw products – like vegan CBD cookie dough, as the CBD is best when kept at room temperature or chilled.

Food as medicine

The possibilities are limitless when you learn to work with medicinal plants in your kitchen. By implementing CBD into your pantry, you can make it easier to prioritize your wellbeing on a daily basis. Utilizing healthy ingredients like CBD will make your meals nourishing in new and multifaceted ways.

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