LVWell RAW CBD Oil Review
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LVWell CBD Raw 5000mg CBD Oil Review

High-potency CBD is among the latest trends in the industry to overcome the endless cannabinoid hype cycles. While we’ve watched fads in the market come and go, highly potent CBD oil is here to stay. One of your best options comes from LVWell CBD, the Raw 5000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil. 

In this review, we’ll discuss how LVWell’s manufacturing process separates itself from the crowded pack of UK CBD companies. In addition, we provide an overview of the cherry-flavored Raw oil, including what’s inside, how it tastes, and, of course, our final verdict.

LVWell CBD Standard

If you are looking to support a no-frills CBD company that focuses 100% on providing the highest quality products at affordable prices, LVWell may be calling your name. You won’t find any influencer campaigns or fancy product designs, but LVWell offers an incredibly diverse line of premium CBD products in just about every form you can imagine. In addition, the brand sells pure extract, isolate, and carrier oils, so you can take the DIY route if you choose.

LVWell’s manufacturing process is really what has built the brand, and it’s evident immediately when you try the products. They start with premium EU-cultivated hemp, then use supercritical Co2 extraction to get their raw paste. This is used as it is or gently winterized and blended with high-quality distillate for a pure, clean, highly effective CBD extract.

What is LVWell CBD Raw?

We already mentioned that LVWell has a massive selection of CBD. However, we couldn’t be more excited to review a product from the RAW collection. This selection of products brings you the brand’s essence in its most natural form.

LVWell’s RAW line is the CBD connoisseur’s dream. The full-spectrum products offer a comprehensive array of cannabinoids, flavonoids, phytonutrients, and terpenes, along with a trace amount of THC. So, if you are here for the therapeutic effects of CBD, any RAW product, including the Cherry 5000mg oil, is a solid option.

What’s in the LVWell Raw 5000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

LVWell RAW CBD Oil Review
LVWell RAW CBD Oil Review

In each 10ml bottle of Raw 5000mg Full Spectrum CBD oil, you’ll get about 200 drops with 30% CBD.

The complete product breakdown is as follows:

  • 47.5% hemp seed oil
  • 50% raw hemp paste
  • 2.5% flavoring

Raw + Cherry Flavoring

There are a few options in the RAW line, mostly unflavored, but we had the pleasure of reviewing the cherry flavor. Typically, I’d prefer the natural taste of my CBD oil, but the subtle hint of cherry is a nice touch. It’s not overwhelming and doesn’t taste like a dropper full of flavoring. You still get a substantial nutty, earthy taste from the hemp seed oil and cannabinoid extract with a complement of a cherry.

Price Per MG of CBD

Pound for pound (or mg for mg), this extract is one of the best purchases you’ll find. At £28.80 for 5000mg of CBD, your price comes out to less than £0.006 per mg of CBD. So, if you are serious about experiencing the benefits of CBD and looking to save, LVWell’s RAW line of CBD oils is tough to beat.

You can save additionally if you purchase products from Express CBD in bulk. The Raw 5000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil is available in 2, 5, and 10 units, saving you up to an additional 20% on the already extremely low price per mg.

Potent, High-Quality Full Spectrum CBD from LVWell

If you want to support a hip, trendy, flashy CBD company backed by celebrities and influencers, you’ll want to keep it moving. However, if finding the highest quality product for the lowest price is more your style, we highly recommend LVWell CBD’s Raw 5000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

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