Are CBD pre rolls legal UK?

The Current and Future Legal Landscape of CBD Flower in the UK

Are CBD Pre Rolls Legal in the UK?

A ripe, glistening bud of cannabis flowers is such a quintessential representation of both the weed and CBD industries respectively. We think of that beautiful fan leaf. It brings to mind all the rich compounds found in this nutritious and calming herb. With the delicious and beneficial varieties of CBD flower available around the world you may wonder, are CBD pre rolls legal UK? Despite the allure of this iconic flower, it is not. The UK prohibits both cannabis and hemp flowers from the market – including CBD pre-rolls.

The laws on CBD flowers

As of now, CBD flower remains in somewhat of a liminal legal space. Based on judicial interpretations, CBD flower is not classified as a legal drug, however further reform is required for it to be fully legal for retail use. 

CBD flower is considered decriminalized at this point, both hobbyists and commercial cultivators alike are required to destroy all flower material after the harvest of legal hemp plants in the UK. It is legal to extract and distribute CBD oils with proper licensing. 

There is some ambiguity around importation laws, as it is technically legal to acquire hemp flowers internationally, but only for use in processing and extraction, not for direct sale and consumption. 

It may behoove the parliament to update these restrictions, as allowing the sale of CBD flowers could create avenues for national brands to succeed within smaller supply chains, creating a tighter hold on public health and safety. 

Will CBD pre rolls be legal in the future?

The recent June 2023 ruling has not explicitly legalized CBD flower, but it has shifted the landscape. Essentially, the courts have decreed that possessing or buying CBD flowers containing less than 0.2% THC doesn’t violate the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. This has effectively taken the edge off any criminal association with CBD flower. Law enforcement and courts have been nudged to not prioritize CBD flower related arrests or prosecutions. 

There’s talk of potential legislative updates hitting Parliament in 2025 that could solidify the legal stance on CBD flower. The bottom line? It’s not an open-door policy for CBD pre rolls just yet, but the wind is blowing favorably. The courts have set the tone, and with looming legislative reviews, the future legality of CBD flower might just be a matter of time. 

The difference between CBD flowers and CBD extracts

There are still ways to acquire CBD products that contain the majority of its active ingredients in a ‘whole plant’ form. You can still legally purchase full spectrum tinctures and extracts of CBD oil. These products contain all of the terpenes and other volatile compounds present in the plant. 

Although you may miss out on the experience of smoking a pre-roll, concentrates are a great way to seek similar benefits and flavor. For now, we can only hope that the laws will adapt alongside our understanding of CBD health and safety.

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