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CBD for Pets: Pet Owners Love it, Now Recommended by Your Vet CBD

The stressors of daily life and maintaining good health doesn’t just affect us, it affects our pets too! Thankfully our little companions can rest easy knowing that veterinarians across the world are looking to CBD as a multifaceted medicine to help your pets manage pain, appetite, and anxiety.

There is substantial anecdotal evidence that CBD may provide pets relief from the most common ailments pets face.

The big market boom for pet safe CBD

If the anecdotal evidence isn’t enough, pet owners spent roughly 99 billion in pet supplies and medicine in 2022, a staggering 12 times higher than in 2021. In fact, it is projected that the CBD market for companion animals grew 32 million to 629 million from 2018 to 2021.

These metrics speak true to the positive impact CBD has had on pets and their families, assisting pet owners and their furry friends with conditions like chronic pain, seizures, and anxiety.

What are the benefits of CBD for pets?

CBD has been studied to promote bone health, help fight infections, slow down degenerative myelopathy, and inflammatory bowel disease in animals. It is an incredible tool for managing stress and chronic pain – making it a great option for pets experiencing a number of these ailments. In some cases, CBD can be used as an alternative to minimize the total quantity of prescriptions an animal has to take.

Let’s break down the most common pet illnesses that CBD can affect and improve overall quality of life.

1. Arthritis

CBD has the potential to reduce swelling at the joints and help relieve pain associated with arthritis. A recent study found success with treating dogs with arthritis. The dogs were given CBD twice a day for a month at 4.4 mg per pound. Not only did the quality of life improve for many of these dogs, but it was also to support dogs that were once immoble regain the ability to climb stairs again.

2. Itchiness

Topical CBD can be an excellent option for pets experiencing skin related irritation or itchiness. A study conducted by CannPal found their products to reduce itchiness, inflammation and skin lesions by 51% after eight weeks of treatment on dogs.

3. Cancer

One of the more impressive uses of CBD for pet health has been for the treatment of cancerous tumors. Some veterinarians have claimed CBD has the ability to shrink cancer cells and has even put dogs into remission. This has been supported by in vitro studies.

4. Mood & Behavior

One of the more common uses of CBD with animals, CBD can support mood stability with its anti-anxiety properties. We still don’t fully understand how CBD affects animals’ nervous systems the way we have studied it in humans, though studies have begun to show a lot of potential. CBD has been studied as a mood stabilizer for aggressive shelter animals. Animals treated with CBD for aggression were shown to exhibit less aggression towards humans after only 15 days of CBD treatment.

5. Seizures

A Colorado State University examined the effects of CBD on dogs with seizure disorders. In the study, it was found that CBD can decrease the frequency of seizures by 33%. There is still more work to be done to understand CBD’s potential as an anti-seizure aid, however many pet owners are already claiming to use CBD successfully to aid in the prevention and treatment of seizures.

Approved by your vet CBD is a plant-based, pet safe remedy

When it comes to the impact of CBD on animals, there is still so much yet to understand. CBD is a non-toxic, all-natural remedy that is both human and pet safe, so long as the dosing is correct based on body weight.

It’s a good idea to consult your local vet to ensure you find reputable CBD brands that are third-party tested.

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