CBD Bubble Bath

CBD Bubble Bath and 5 Ways to Build the Ultimate Self Care Routine with CBD

Life can feel far from easy at times, making it hard to focus on personal care beyond what’s immediately necessary. It can be challenging to scour through the thousands of products claiming to have health benefits, in a world where the natural products market is cryptic and often unregulated. In recent years, CBD has made a significant splash in the health market – as it has considerable scientific support behind its soothing and medicinal properties. This has catalyzed a boom in CBD personal care products worldwide. In 2022, the global CBD skin care market reached roughly 311 million (USD) in worth, and is estimated to be worth nearly 1295.7 Million (USD) by 2027.

Personal care with real results

CBD is unlike other natural product ingredients, as it has a long list of uses and affects. Depending on how it is ingested or applied, there are various results you can expect. Beneath the surface, CBD works with the body’s nervous system, helping to balance biological processes in the body and regulate inflammation – the leading cause of most illnesses and chronic health issues.

The benefits of CBD for beauty

When it comes to CBD, the benefits are both surface level and deep. It starts on the skin, where both anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties soothe and protect the skin as it gently absorbs. Once CBD has penetrated the skin and comes in contact with the nervous system, all the full-body benefits can begin. As CBD absorbs into the body and is taken up into the endocannabinoid system (ECS), it aids the nervous system in regulating a number of processes in the body (processes that can often be thrown off by stress, chronic pain, or illness). CBD helps with the regulation of hormones, memory, appetite, and pain management. As the nervous system self regulates with the aid of CBD in the body, you can begin to feel your self care routine having a long lasting impact – leaving you consistently uplifted and restored.

Spa level care in the comfort of your home

Whether you’re looking for the topical benefits, or the deep tissue and stress relieving effects of CBD there are options for everyone! Mixing and matching these products can enhance the effects, or even strengthen the dosing. It is always good to check with a medical professional before incorporating CBD into your daily routine, as it occasionally interacts with other medications.

1. CBD Bubble Bath Products

CBD is more successful when it is allowed to stay on the skin and be fully absorbed – making trendy products like shower wash or pillow cases ineffective. A new way to guarantee you get every bit of relief with CBD is by using infused bathing products. There are now a number of companies that offer products like CBD bath bombs and CBD bubble bath to bring your next spa day to another level. Soaking in CBD oil helps hydrate your skin and ensures you get every drop of soothing CBD in your body.

2. CBD Salves and Balms

Oil based topicals are an incredible option for anyone struggling with joint or deep tissue related pain. The CBD blends with the oil, making it absorb evenly into the skin. It can be used to spot treat problem areas, but is also a great full body option for repairing burns, small cuts, and daily damage to the skin. Many of these products are infused with other botanical ingredients that act synergistically with CBD oil – amplifying its amazing effects.

3. Tinctures and Sublinguals for Relaxation

These products are ideal for those looking for a little extra soothing of the mind and body. Tinctures are often absorbed into the bloodstream more effectively, providing all of the mental and emotional benefits of CBD. Add a tincture to your routine when you want to relieve stress, anxiety, and stabilize your mood.

4. Face Serums and Creams

Beyond CBD, some full spectrum or broad spectrum products will also be rich with minor cannabinoids like CBG or CBN. The combination of these ingredients packs a powerful punch in terms of skin care. CBD provides aid in the regulation of hormones along with its powerful anti-inflammatory effects – two important factors in maintaining youthful skin. Cannabigerol (CBG) exhibits anti-redness effects, encouraging healthy oil production, circulation and cell regeneration. Adding CBD to your daily or nightly skincare routine is a gentle but effective way to keep your skin feeling and looking healthy.

5. CBD Primers and Setting Sprays

For anyone that loves using makeup, there are now CBD primers and setting sprays. These can be especially helpful for anyone prone to breakouts or sensitivity to sun damage. This is because CBN (an ingredient found in full spectrum CBD products) has properties that combat sun damage, while also possibly protecting the skin from sun as it absorbs UVB rays similar to sunscreen. CBD continues to soothe the skin, while also providing a protective anti microbial layer to the skin, reducing the possibility of acne. CBD protects while slowly repairing any daily damage your skin may face.

Rest and restore with CBD from the skin to within

Enhance your self care regimen with CBD and enjoy the long lasting results on both the mind and body.

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