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Brand Spotlight: Plane Jane CBD

This Southern Oregon based CBD brand started in 2018 when two friends came together after having profound and personal experiences with CBD. Their goal in founding Plane Jane was to create more access to safe CBD products as well as provide valuable, accurate information about CBD.

Since then they have developed their own line of CBD products – including artisan style pre-rolls and CBD blunts available for purchase online. Customers can browse their online store from the comfort of their homes, with so many options for flavor, size, and dose for a personal and exquisite experience with CBD.

Creating access to quality CBD starts at the source

As the CBD industry continues to expand, it can be daunting to find the right product for your needs. Plane Jane CBD makes this selection process easy, with their commitment to quality products and ethical suppliers.

Plane Jane offers CBD flowers grown by small family farms of Southern Oregon. Everything from sungrown, greenhouse, and indoor flowers are all batch tested for quality and freshness.

As ethical shopping becomes more prevalent, finding CBD brands that work with local farmers and are conscious of local agricultural impact can help stabilize the craft market of cannabis – a part of the industry that is critically impacted by imported industrial hemp.

Plane Jane CBD has an extensive menu of CBD products

What sets Plane Jane CBD apart from other retailers is their wide variety of products, including raw ingredients like CBD isolate and CBD kief. This can make daily CBD wellness more affordable, and more customizable in your own home. CBD concentrates are oil soluble, making them easy to work with as an ingredient in the kitchen.

Here are the most popular product categories currently offered by Plane Jane CBD:

CBD rich flower

All of the cured flower products available are grown indoors, however they do occasionally carry products grown in greenhouse gardens. Seasonal indica, hybrid, or sativa strains are available like Purple Kush and Mango Fire CBD Flower.

There are also bulk smaller buds and trim material great for infusing your favorite recipes or tinctures with CBD. For more ideas on homemade CBD edibles, check out https://blog.express-cbd.com/cbd-cookie-dough-incredibly-simple-cbd-edibles-you-can-make-at-home/

CBD pre-rolls, joints and blunts

Plane Jane has an impressive menu of pre-roll and infused smokable CBD flower. For the more experienced cannabis connoisseurs, they offer king palm leaf rolled blunts (1.5g), and infused pre-rolls dipped in kief (famously known as CBD Twax joints).

They also carry both filtered and unfiltered CBD flower joints with over 17 strain specific options to choose from. Each strain contains their own unique profile of aromatics and other botanical compounds known to have their own beneficial effects. They have the classics like Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, and Girl Scout Cookies; Plane Jane even carries some rare varieties like Sour Space Candy and Painted Lady.

CBD Infused: edibles topicals and tinctures

From novel cannabinoid infused gummies, to full spectrum tinctures – Plane Jane has all the classics you’ll love. CBD sleep aid gummies infused with CBN offer relief from stress and some symptoms of insomnia.

Plane Jane body products feature a 400mg beard butter, a CBD bath bomb and soaking salt. CBD promotes healthy hormonal regulation in the body as well as supports cellular processes that keep skin clean and free of surface level inflammation.

Discover the benefits of CBD with Plane Jane

Beyond their wide selection of products, Plane Jane CBD likes to keep their customers informed and well educated on CBD and hemp, to support keeping consumers safe and the quality of CBD high. Learn more about novel cannabinoids, discoveries in plant medicine, and news about cannabis and hemp with Plane Jane CBD.

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