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How Long Does CBD Flower Last? The Shocking Truth

With the massive influx of new CBD flower users recently, there are a lot of questions that need answering. How long does CBD flower last? That’s one of the most common questions those new to CBD flower always ask.

CBD flower is generally cheaper when purchased in bulk quantities, such as ounces, quarter pounds, and full pounds. Knowing how long the CBD flower will last is essential when buying in such large amounts.

Another popular question is, how long does CBD flower last in terms of its effects? CBD flower is primarily used for its effects, so it’s good to understand how long they will last.

Why Is CBD Flower Increasing in Popularity?

The main reason CBD is increasing in popularity is its legality. While it’s still illegal in much of the world, many countries have been taking a second look. The problem was that laws considered CBD flower and marijuana to be one and the same. This, of course, is not true, and as governments begin to recognize that fact, the laws are changing.

Now that CBD is legal in so many countries, more people are learning about its positive benefits. It can be used to help aches and pains, nausea, anxiety, trouble sleeping, depression, and so much more. It does all of this without any harmful side effects. It’s no wonder CBD flower is in such high demand.

How Long Does CBD Flower Last?

There are many variables that determine how long CBD flower will last. If left in the open air, the buds of CBD flower will become excessively dry in as little as a day, and the CBD inside will begin to degrade in just one week. Proper storage is vital in making CBD flower last as long as possible.

If purchased from a reputable retailer that uses proper packaging, CBD flower can last up to two full years if left unopened. After opening, it’s best to transfer the CBD flower to a separate storage container. Mason jars are ideal for storing CBD flower because they create an air-tight seal, ensuring maximum freshness.

To increase the longevity of the CBD flower even further, consider adding a humidity control packet to the mason jar. Boveda and Integra Boost are the most popular brands of these packets. Always make sure to use the 55% RH, 58% RH, or 62% RH varieties; otherwise, it could have negative effects on the CBD flower.

As for the effects of CBD flower they are relatively short-lived. After smoking or vaping, the effects generally last up to an hour, with some effects lingering a little longer. The great thing about CBD flower is that you can re-dose anytime you want. Overdose is not possible, so it’s safe to use continuously throughout the day, especially when using a dry herb vaporizer. To make the effects last even longer, consider trying CBD oil.

Final Thoughts

The savings can be astronomical when buying CBD flower in bulk compared to the prices for small amounts. This is definitely the way to go if you’re a regular user. However, you need to be extremely careful to ensure your supply doesn’t get ruined due to improper storage. This can change your savings into an expense in a hurry.

It’s well worth the investment to do things the right way. Mason jars are cheap, and they last virtually forever. You will only need to make this purchase once and be set for life. The moisture control packets are also cheap, and while they won’t last forever, they can last up to one year. Being prepared now will save a lot of headaches in the future.

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