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The Unusual Tea Company 3% CBD Hemp Tea English Breakfast Review

The soothing properties of CBD meet the timeless allure of English Breakfast tea in The Unusual Tea Company’s unique creation: the 3% CBD Hemp Tea in English Breakfast. This delightful infusion promises the robust flavour of a classic morning tea but also the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Let’s delve into the unconventional and explore the nuances of this intriguing blend.

The Unusual Tea Company

Before we step into the world of CBD-infused teas, let’s acquaint ourselves with The Unusual Tea Company. As the name suggests, this company prides itself on breaking away from conventional norms, crafting teas that transcend the ordinary. Committed to quality and innovation, The Unusual Tea Company aims to redefine the tea-drinking experience, introducing blends that cater to both the palate and well-being.

English Breakfast CBD Tea Review

This was another review that barely felt like a job. Boiling water, opening the tea bag, taking a big whiff of CBD-infused English Breakfast loose tea leaves, and pouring a cup was a fantastic experience. Here’s my full review.

The Unusual Tea Company - English Breakfast


At the heart of this review lies the taste – a compilation of flavors that combines the boldness of English Breakfast tea with the subtle undertones of hemp. The Unusual Tea Company’s 3% CBD Hemp Tea in English Breakfast boasts a rich, robust profile that embraces the earthiness of hemp without overpowering the traditional tea notes. Each sip is a harmonious blend, offering a comforting familiarity for tea enthusiasts with an added layer of complexity from the earthy hemp infusion.


Aromatic bliss overcomes your senses from the moment you open the bag. The familiar scent of English Breakfast tea is intensified by the herbal essence of hemp, creating a soothing experience that prepares you for the relaxing journey ahead. The fragrance is inviting, promising a moment of serenity with every cup.


Moving beyond the palate, the true essence of The Unusual Tea Company’s creation lies in its effects. The 3% CBD content gently unfolds its calming properties, providing a sense of relaxation without the heaviness associated with other CBD products. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a milder introduction to CBD or those looking to incorporate it seamlessly into their daily routine.

How to Get the Most Out of CBD Tea

Understanding how to optimize the benefits of CBD tea is vital to fully embracing its potential. The Unusual Tea Company encourages consumers to steep the tea for an optimal duration to extract the maximum goodness from both the tea leaves and the CBD infusion.

Additionally, pairing the tea with a moment of mindfulness or incorporating it into a calming ritual enhances the overall experience, allowing the mind and body to fully absorb the tranquility each cup brings.

Increasing Dosage Recommendations

While The Unusual Tea Company offers one of the most enjoyable ways to consume CBD, it’s unfortunately not the most efficient. However, there are ways to ensure you get a substantial dose of CBD with every cup.

Drinking cannabis compounds sends the cannabinoids to the digestive system, where absorption is limited. So, you’ll have to overcompensate. You can add CBD by dropping some natural flavor oil into the water; however, if you’ve ever tried this before, you’ll notice the oil floats to the top. Just mix in some fat (milk or creamer) and stir, and your CBD molecules will bind with the fat and the rest of your drink.

Buy 3% CBD Hemp Tea in English Breakfast

If you’re ready to adopt a morning ritual that combines English Breakfast tea’s timeless charm with CBD’s therapeutic touch, The Unusual Tea Company’s 3% CBD Hemp Tea in English Breakfast awaits. Head to Express CBD, where you can save up to 20% if you buy in bulk.

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