4000mg Raw Paste from Realest CBD
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4000mg CBD 10ml Raw Paste Buy One Get One Review

Purchasing the essence of the hemp plant in its purest form is a bold move usually reserved for a veteran CBD enthusiast. However, while buying CBD in paste form may be intimidating, it’s a great way to save, and infusing it into your own products is a lot easier than you’d think.

We were lucky to receive the 4000mg CBD 10ml Raw Paste from Realest CBD. After adding it to a few different administration methods, we’re ready to provide a full review detailing exactly what you can expect from the raw paste.

What is Raw CBD Paste?

Paste offers consumers a ready-to-use CBD extract simply containing the beneficial components of the hemp plant – cannabinoids and terpenes. Purchasing raw extracts is the most cost-effective way to use CBD. In addition, you aren’t restricted to one type of administration method; when you have the extract, the sky’s the limit. You can make edibles, oil, lotion, salve, or infuse with raw CBD paste with vape juice.

About Realest CBD

We work with Realest CBD frequently because they have incredible, high-quality, no-frills products. They offer CBD in other forms besides extracts (their oil is a premium product), but their signature is offerings like the raw paste. Realest CBD is a reliable brand to shop from due to its experience in the latest extraction methods and mission to offer pure cannabinoid products directly to consumers.

Trying Our 4000mg CBD Raw Paste

The full spectrum paste from Realest CBD comes in a simple, rectangular cardboard container, similar to a jewelry box. Inside is a massive 10ml branded syringe that’s ready to squirt out thick, dark CBD paste. The system is efficient and easy to use, but if you are looking for any fancy packaging or administration techniques, you won’t find them here.

4000mg Raw Paste from Realest CBD
4000mg Raw Paste from Realest CBD

We don’t recommend eating the raw CBD extract, even though you could. The strong, hempy taste isn’t very appealing, although it’s a great way to deliver cannabinoids. We masked the flavour or added to a topical for the review but still gave the paste a quick taste test. The earthiness sneaks up on you but is still very present in the paste. Stick to infusions, trust us; this applies to all raw or pure cannabinoid extracts.

Easy Infusion Ideas

Raw Paste is the most cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of CBD because you aren’t buying a finished product. You just have to do the infusion yourself, but it’s a far easier process than you may think. Cannabinoids like CBD just need to be mixed with fat or oil and can be taken orally, topically, or smoked.

Here are some ideas to infuse your Raw Paste.


Simply add the paste to coconut oil or an existing lotion, moisturizer, balm, salve, or any other topical product. If you go the DIY route with coconut oil, add essential oils or menthol for additional benefits and pain-relieving properties.

CBD Tea (the right/only way)

CBD and other cannabinoid extracts aren’t water soluble. This means if you add to a water-based drink like tea, it won’t mix. You can get around this problem by making CBD tea or coffee by mixing the extract with fat (milk or cream works!).

Combine CBD, milk, and vanilla into a frother and add to Earl Grey tea for a luxurious CBD London Fog.

Salad Dressing

Mix with your favourite dressing and apply to a salad or other veggies.

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