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Access CBD 1200mg Broad Spectrum Oil Review

Among the seemingly infinite CBD brands based out of the United Kingdom, Access CBD stands out as one of the most trusted choices. With over 4,000 Trustpilot reviews and an impressive line of premium cannabinoid hemp products, we can confidently say we couldn’t be more excited to review their Natural 1200mg Broad Spectrum Oil.

In this review, we’ll outline how Access CBD has built a reputation for offering customers high-quality products at affordable prices. In addition, we break down the Broad Spectrum Oil, covering its unique delivery system, classic taste, and impressive concentration of cannabis compounds.

Access CBD by British Cannabis

Access CBD is an award-winning brand by British Cannabis, the UK’s biggest CBD producer with decades of experience growing, manufacturing, and producing cannabis products. If you haven’t heard of British Cannabis, here’s a quick rundown of the company’s accomplishments:

  • Around the company’s launch in 2015, the operators developed the first single-dose sublingual cannabis tablet
  • Acquired a cannabis farm in Portugal for R&D
  • Developed the UK’s first water-soluble CBD
  • Expanded extraction to Europe
  • Invested in a cleanroom at the Berkshire HQ for GMP-certified products
  • Won “Best Pharmacy Product of the Year” in 2020 by The Independent Community Pharmacist

Later, in 2020, Access CBD was born!

What’s Inside Access CBD Broad Spectrum Oil?

With such a renowned reputation within the UK CBD community, we had high expectations for Access CBD’s Broad Spectrum Oil. After taking a hefty dose of the sublingual spray for multiple days, I’m happy to report the product did not disappoint.

Here’s precisely what’s in the Natural 1200mg Broad Spectrum Oil:

  • Broad-spectrum cannabinoid extract
  • MCT oil
  • Hemp oil

Each spray contains 17.1mg of CBD. For the flavored products in the line (we carry Citrus and Berry), Access CBD uses real cannabis terpenes to produce the natural fruit taste.

access CBD oil
access CBD oil

How’s the Natural Flavor?

The taste of unflavored cannabinoid extract can be overwhelming to some; however, Access CBD’s oil wasn’t overwhelming, and the flavor doesn’t linger long. Personally, I enjoy the natural taste of CBD oil as long it doesn’t remind me of chemicals.

So, for an oil that is essentially just cannabinoid extract and carrier oil, the taste is exceptionally smooth. I recommend using the natural flavor option even if you typically stick to tasty CBD oils.

CBD Spray Over Dropper

For some reason, the dropper bottle is the industry standard for CBD oil. We believe this is a significant flaw we’ve yet to overcome. While a dropper does the job, a spray nozzle is far more user-friendly. Not only is it more convenient to spray CBD under your tongue, but the velocity of the oil also causes faster absorption into your mucosal membrane.

While the dropper continues to be the norm, we appreciate Access CBD’s innovative approach.

Why Choose Broad Spectrum CBD?

If you are looking for a whole plant extract without THC, broad spectrum is the answer. The Natural 1200mg Oil contains less than 0.0003% with a range of other cannabis phytochemicals to increase benefits without psychoactive effects.

Maximize CBD Bioavailability with Access CBD

There’s usually not much to be excited about with a plain bottle of CBD oil, especially with all the options available in 2024; however, Access CBD combines quality and innovation to deliver an impressive product. And at £17.09, you won’t find a better deal online.

If you are sold on the Natural 1200mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil from Access CBD and want to save more, it’s available at Express CBD in 2,5,10 units. You’ll save up to 20% when you buy in bulk.

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