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Blackcurrant Licorice 500mg Hard Candy Review

One of the challenges many people have with experiencing the benefits of CBD is consistent dosing. They try CBD but aren’t consistent enough to allow the cannabinoids to build up in their system and go to work. That’s why the type of product you choose is so important.

If you buy a bag of Blackcurrant Licorice 500mg Hard Candy, we can confidently say that you won’t run into this problem. My 20 sweets went very quickly, providing my body with a healthy dose of CBD, resulting in a variety of apparent benefits.  

Why We Support CBD Asylum

Honesty is a rare quality in the cannabinoid hemp industry. However, CBD Asylum operates under full transparency in its products. The UK-based manufacturer exclusively uses CBD isolate and is proud of it! The tasteless crystalized power is the perfect ingredient to make tasty CBD products. After all, if your CBD tastes like grass, you probably won’t take enough to make a difference.  

What’s in the Blackcurrant Licorice 500mg Hard Candy

While these sweets are among the tastiest ways to enjoy CBD, they aren’t the healthiest. The hard candy is made of:

  • Sugar
  • Glucose
  • Citric acid
  • Licorice
  • HPKO
  • Condensed Milk
  • Flavouring
  • Isolate CBD
  • Food colouring

Each bag has 20 sweets with 25mg per candy, totaling 500mg of CBD.

Superior Hard Candy

In the past, CBD edibles failed to compete with proper sweets that you would purchase solely for their taste. CBD Asylum has changed the game, providing CBD lovers a way to enjoy candy that will compete with any sweet on the market.

CBD Asylum Sweets
CBD Asylum Sweets

We offer this product in various complex flavours, but recently, we enjoyed trying the Blackcurrant Licorice. Here’s how it went.


Once you pop the sizable candy in your mouth, you’re immediately overcome with the iconic sweet, tart cherry-like blackcurrant taste. The fruit explosion lasts until you reach the chewy center, and then you’re greeted with the earthy, spicy flavor of licorice.


Blackcurrant licorice is a classic British sweet with a hard candy outer, strong blackcurrant taste, and a soft, chewy licorice center. I’ve had this candy countless times and can attest that CBD Asylum’s take is on par with any I’ve tried.


After eating four or five 25mg Blackcurrant Licorice candies daily, I felt my mood balanced, my appetite regulated, and sleeping like a rock every night. I also noticed a surprisingly shorter recovery time after my daily workouts.

Not everyone will experience the same effects when using CBD. However, if you find a product you look forward to taking (or have to resist overindulging), it allows an adequate amount of CBD to become bioavailable. CBD doesn’t deliver every benefit for every person, but if you aren’t getting enough in your system, you aren’t giving it a chance. However, we can guarantee that you’ll get a consistent healthy dose if you have CBD Asylum sweets around the house.

Recommended Dosage

Taking 100mg of CBD per day may be a little excessive for most. As a frequent CBD user, I like a high dose because my tolerance is quite high. If you are just starting, we suggest trying a Blackcurrant Licorice candy in the morning and one at night.

Enjoy Every Dose with Hard Candy

While we regularly advocate for whole plant CBD products, we appreciate CBD Asylum’s honesty. Many CBD isolate companies hide the fact they don’t include other cannabinoids. However, CBD Asylum leans into their choice and makes an undeniable argument supporting the case for great-tasting CBD isolate products that encourage regular dosing.

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