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Body and Mind Botanicals Blends Make Cooking with CBD Simple

When it comes to CBD edibles, Body and Mind Botanicals makes it easy to add CBD to your diet! They offer a variety of blends and spices you can add to your favorite meals – eliminating the need for expensive gummies, capsules, and chocolates. 

Similar to most health routines, CBD works best when you incorporate it into your everyday lifestyle. The benefits of CBD are often noticeable after long term use at a low to medium dose strength. It can take up to 21-28 days of CBD use to build up enough momentum to gain the long-term results you are looking for. 

There’s no easy way to say it, that can get expensive! Especially if you are taking CBD edibles, as most gummies or tinctures only come with a small amount of doses. This ends up costing CBD consumers hundreds of dollars each year. Thankfully, there are now resources out there to help cut that cost and incorporate CBD into your daily meals! 

The benefits of CBD straight from your home kitchen

Now you can receive all the medicinal benefits of CBD from your own home cooked meals. Rest and restore your mind and body any time of day with these incredible cooking blends – perfect for savory meals or sweet smoothies!

How to cook with CBD like a pro

There are three key rules to cooking with cannabinoids like CBD. Understanding these rules will ensure that you are not changing the effectiveness of the CBD, and will guarantee accurate dosing for each serving. 

Follow these simple steps below to cook with CBD like the professionals do!


Heat plays a key role in the chemistry of cooking, and can have a big effect on the structural integrity of the CBD molecule. Keeping your CBD within a specific temperature range protects the CBD from breakdown or becoming less effective. 

It is recommended to not let your CBD exceed temperatures of 160 degrees C (320 degrees F). Manufacturers of CBD products believe that CBD begins to break down between 160-180 degrees C (320-356 degrees F) When it comes to cold – CBD can handle colder freezing temps and thaws safely to room temperature without damage.

Handling your CBD within this temperature range may require no-bake, slow bake, or garnishing techniques. 


Although dosing will vary from person to person, there are some useful and universal techniques to dosing that can make preparing a CBD recipe simple! 

Making sure that the CBD is fully dissolved and uniformly spread in a recipe can prove challenging. This is especially challenging for large dishes like casseroles or cookies. Thankfully, you can use chemistry in the kitchen to help you make sure you know exactly how much CBD is in every bite. 

CBD and all cannabinoid extracts are considered oil-soluble ingredients, meaning they can dissolve evenly into oil and fats. You can use this science in your favor, by mixing your CBD extracts and ingredients directly into the cooking oil. Alternatively CBD blends well in dairy and butter. Simply heat up the oil and melt the CBD into it, stirring the mixture until it looks like the CBD has completely dissolved into the oil. 

As far as choosing the strength of your dose goes, it is always smart to start with low doses. You can always increase a dose until you’ve reached a desired effect. The standard dose of CBD ranges from 5-50 mg. You can multiply your dose by the amount of servings in your recipe. For example, if you wanted to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies that are 25mg of CBD per cookie, for a batch that yields 12 cookies you would need to add 300 mg of CBD (or 0.3g). 

Flavor Pairing

When reflecting back on the taste of a pot brownie, you may recall a ‘green’ and almost stinky taste that hemp or cannabis can impart on a baked good. Although nostalgic, this herbaceous and bitter flavor can be offensive to some people’s taste. 

Especially when working with full-plant hemp or full spectrum CBD extracts, this bitter flavor can come off pretty strong and even overpower the flavor of your favorite dish. Flavor chemists and chefs have found creative ways to mask this flavor by pairing the CBD with complementary ingredients that minimize the bitter taste. 

Mixing in other earthy and sour herbs can help enhance the flavor in a savory dish. Opting for earthy flavors like oatmeal and spice will often overpower the hemp flavor. Whereas, if CBD is mixed into a simple sugar cookie the hemp flavor may seem stronger. In special cases, you can steep the CBD from the plant material and run it through filter papers to pull some of the chlorophyll off, eliminating the majority of that green flavor. 

Introducing Body and Mind Botanicals Blends

To keep things simple, Body and Mind Botanicals has formulated CBD infused spices and superfood blends that make cooking CBD fun and easy.

Vegan Organic Protein Powder & Superfood Blend

This plant based protein blend is fortified with adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs to help kick-start your mornings in a powerful way. 

Ingredients like maca, chaga, reishi, and lion’s mane boost cognitive function and nervous system health. CBD helps soothe and restore with amazing anti-inflammatory effects. All of these great ingredients are blended with a delicious natural strawberry flavor. The superfood blend is currently offered with 350 mg of hemp based CBD. 

Cannabis Seasonings

Body and Mind Botanicals has also produced an incredible line of herbs and spices to add to your favorite savory and sweet dishes. Check out their three amazing flavors: Piri Piri, Montreal Steak Rub, and their Original Blend. Available through Express CBD or directly from Body and Mind Botanicals. They offer various sizes, including 30, 50, 300, and 900 mg packages. 

Amazing cannabis infused CBD recipes for daily life

Explore their suggested recipes, and learn more about cooking with CBD. Some of their current favorites include Curry, Miso Brownies, and omelets! 

Discover all of the possibilities of cooking with CBD with Body and Mind Botanicals. Not only are these blends delicious, but they are also an amazing savory or healthy alternative to your classic CBD gummies and chocolates. Especially for CBD lovers that have dietary restrictions on sugar, gluten, or gelatin – these are a perfect choice!

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