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Improve Your Health With Plant Based Alternatives Like CBD Lozenges

Whether it’s seasonal allergies or the common cold, there are a number of reasons to seek out remedies to soothe your symptoms and get you back to doing what you love.

Understanding how to incorporate plant-based alternatives into your medicine cabinet can get complicated if you don’t know where to begin. Depending on the type of illness you’re treating, some plants may be helpful or harmful to your immune system depending on the timing in which you take it. 

Knowing the tricks to plant-based remedies can help shorten the duration of your illness and provide maximum support to avoid sickness all together. If you’re looking for a natural alternative to OTC remedies, CBD infused lozenges and other immune supplements are a great place to start with plant-based products. 

Does CBD Support The Immune System?

When considering CBD remedies for immune support, there are three main benefits we look at: 

Nervous system controls immunity

The nervous system and specifically the endocannabinoid system (ECS) play a key function in our bodies ability to fight pathogens and heal tissues impacted by sickness or stress. When the ECS is flooded with CBD, it induces a chemical response to regulate hormones and immune-function helping to repair cells and process information throughout the body. 

CBD soothes inflammation

One of the most well studied benefits of CBD is its use as an anti-inflammatory. CBD is used topically or orally, it can bring down swelling of surface level tissue and muscle or even deeper organ and connective tissues. This remedy has been used with treating chronic illness and even some forms of cancer – making it a gentle but effective alternative to other anti-inflammatory aids. 

CBD is antimicrobial

Lastly, CBD is an effective antimicrobial compound. It can help prevent infection, while not necessarily killing the body’s natural biome. In recent studies, cannabinoids have been observed fighting the spread of COVID-19

In their report they acknowledged that CBD inhibits infection of SARS-CoV-2 in mouse cells. This led to the discovery that CBD and its metabolite 7-OH-CBD potently blocked COVID replication in lung cells, by inhibiting viral gene expression and reversing many effects of SARS-CoV-2 on host gene transcription. CBD was able to do this by up-regulating the body’s stress response and interferon signaling pathways. 

It was later shown that in a human survey via the National COVID Cohort Collaborative, CBD had a significant negative association with positive SARS-CoV-2 tests. Though there is still more information needed before CBD can be used as an official preventative treatment, it holds much promise as a beneficial aid. 

The Secrets To Plant Based Wellness

Beyond CBD, there are a number of other benefits to plant-based remedies. The secret is in how you use them, more specifically when you use them. Many plants work best when you pair them with your body’s natural cycles. Fever, hunger, and sleep are all natural parts of the healing process – and with a keen understanding for each, you will be able to heal with ease. 

Fever is your friend

Working with your fever is one of the most critical ways to shorten the amount of time you are sick. It is best to maintain heat in the body when running a fever, rather than cooling the body down. Heat builds in the core of the body and slowly works its way to the surface. 

Consuming things like broth and warming herbs will help move this process along naturally, versus cooling drinks, food, or cooling herbs will bring heat back to the core of the body to aid in digestion and will thus start the cycle over again. 

Food as medicine

A well-balanced and intentional diet is essential for a strong immune system. When actively sick, finding foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals will help boost your health. 

Foods high in vitamin C or Zinc can help stabilize your immune system and support your liver and kidneys in filtering out excess waste while the body fights to recover. 

When not actively sick, it can help to pick wide varieties of foods. Anything rich in pre and probiotics will help keep your healthy bacterias intact and thriving in the body. Things like kimchi, fermented vegetables, garlic, onions, and seaweed are all amazing options to help boost immunity long term. 

It’s also important to know some herbs will slow immune processes when actively sick. Some of these plants include: lavender, elderflower, and echinacea. These are recommended when the body is not actively sick. This is similar to how CBD may not be ideal for all cancer patients, as some treatment processes require inflammatory remedies like chemotherapy (which CBD would suppress). 

Sleep it off

Rest is the most powerful preventive and healing aid – beyond any food or medicine, a good night of sleep can help restore the body’s ability to fight illness and strengthen immunity. 

Understanding your own natural sleep cycles can help you plan for a full night of rest when you aren’t feeling well – every person needs roughly 6-10 hours of sleep each night. Some herbs can help sustain sleep overnight when restless, such as passion flower or chamomile. 

Effective CBD Products You Must Try For Immunity

Here are a few clever ways to get in your CBD while also supporting your immune system in the ways described above. 

1. CBD Lozenges

For immediate relief for sore throats, CBD lozenges are perfect for soothing the affected area and providing antimicrobial support in the mouth and throat. 

2. CBD Infused tea

Warm water makes the minerals and essential oils of the tea leaves and herbs more bioavailable. This is a great way to keep the body hydrated during a fever or cold, while penetrating CBD deep into the blood and tissues for comfort and recovery. 

3. CBD for the bath and shower

For even deeper hydration, sometimes an oil infused bath or shower is necessary for supporting the body in healing. When absorbed through the skin, CBD can activate the nervous system under the skin’s surface to soothe pains and aches, but also keep the inner fire of the immune system going. This is a great option at any time of illness, but especially when the body is building a fever (as it will help minimize the stress on the body to heat itself up naturally). 

CBD is a great option for beginning your plant-based healing journey, with so many unique ways to access its gentle and restorative benefits! 

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