Can you drive while drinking TRIP CBD?

Can You Drive While Drinking Trip CBD?.

On the long commute home a simple pleasure like a CBD infused drink can really make all the difference. But, can you drive while drinking TRIP CBD and other CBD beverages? Here, we will take a closer look at how CBD drinks effect the body, and how you can stay safe and relaxed where ever you’re driving.

It’s good to be cautious about new supplements, especially those that interact with your nervous system. But fear not, CBD is a harmless and useful supplement. CBD may actually improve your overall safety and experience on the roads.

Legal CBD products are safe for driving

So long as the product is produced and distributed under UK regulation, it can be assumed safe for operating heavy machinery like cars. This is because all legal CBD products contain less than 0.2% THC. This standard ensures you won’t feel intoxicated or high. 

Purchasing CBD from a trusted supplier like TRIP is the safest way to guarantee the CBD product you are using will not get you high. 

CBD is not considered a controlled substance but rather a food supplement in the UK. This means CBD use cannot be held against you while behind the wheel. CBD is nothing like driving under the influence of THC dominant cannabis products, as well as  narcotics or alcohol. Not only can CBD not be tested for, but its effects are mild and do not distract a driver or limit their motor skills. In fact, there is some compelling evidence that CBD could help you drive safer. CBD may actually increase alertness, mental clarity, and reduce stress – a perfect blend for anyone with a bad case of road rage. 

Driving on CBD

A 2020 study found no evidence that CBD is unsafe for driving. Though, CBD can impact each person differently depending on body size, tolerance, and genetics. It’s recommended to become familiar with CBD and not drive the first time you take it. 

In fact, if you experience strong side effects from CBD, such as fatigue, you should avoid operating a vehicle and perhaps lower the dose of CBD in the future. 

Further evidence was established by 2022 in the Journal of Psychopharmacology that acknowledged CBD as safe for drivers. Even when high doses were consumed, no evidence was apparent that CBD induced feelings of intoxication. It was concluded that CBD is unlikely to impair cognitive function or driving performance. Researchers followed up that this study only looked at CBD in isolation . They warned any CBD users that are actively on other medications to stay cautious with drug interactions. 

CBD driving laws explained

Since the 2015 policy changes for drug driving in the UK, there has been some concern raised on whether or not CBD is included in this law update. Since this ruling, driving with certain drugs detectable above specific levels in the blood is considered a legal offense. Drugs like THC, ecstasy, and ketamine are among the many that fall within this new regulation. However, since CBD is not considered a controlled substance it is legally safe, but should still be treated with some caution. 

When operating a vehicle while taking CBD there are a few things you should know. 

If you happen to be pulled over by an officer, you are not required to disclose you have consumed CBD. It is almost impossible for CBD to cause someone to fail a cannabis drug screening. You would need to have over 2 micrograms of THC per 1mL of blood. Since CBD is not a controlled substance it will not be held against you in any traffic law violation in the UK. 

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