Can you smoke CBD oil?

Can You Smoke CBD Oil? The Wonderful World of CBD Extracts

There is nothing quite as iconic in cannabis culture, as the plumes of smoke in coffee shops across Europe. Guests rolling hash into a pipe, sharing a peaceful moment together over coffee and smoke. This tradition is no longer just limited to those wishing to partake in THC rich oils. You can now smoke CBD oil too!

Unlike the traditional THC counterpart, CBD oil offers a mild and medicinal alternative that is both legal and safe. This is especially in regions where the use of flower is not yet legalized, such as the UK.

Types of CBD You Can Smoke

With so many advancements in extraction technology, there are many types of CBD oil you can try, each with their own flavors and benefits:

  • Isolate

Considered the purest form of CBD, isolate exists in powder or crystalline form with minimal scent. When smoked, it leaves a pleasant pine and cherry aftertaste.

  • CO2 Extract

This full-spectrum option contains additional active ingredients like terpenes, CBG, or CBN, presenting slightly more flavor and an amber or honey coloring.

  • Solvent Extract

Variations of solvent extractions, including butane or propane, offer pungent and clean flavor profiles, delivering robust effects.

  • CBD Hash

A traditional CBD extract method involving hand-rolling or pressing plant material to produce a dark and herbaceous oil.

  • Distillate

Among the most potent CBD oils available, distillates resemble a honey-like color and consistency, with concentrations of 80-99.9% CBD. Distillate is often enhanced with natural flavorings for broader appeal.

  • Vaporizer Products and E Pens

Popular and user-friendly, these products offer a variety of potencies, flavors, and extract types, catering to on-the-go and discreet consumption.

The most popular methods to smoke CBD oil

Selecting your method of smoking comes down to two key factors. Are you looking for a more simple method like a vape that may have limitations on flavors and extract types? Or perhaps you are more experienced with CBD and want to try your hand at rich and flavorful dabs?


Dabbing involves using a dab rig or portable dab pen, necessitating proper equipment and temperature monitoring. The recommended dabbing temperature ranges between 235-290 degrees C for safety.


A common method for smoking CBD, vaping requires minimal equipment and technique, swiftly delivering CBD into the bloodstream in minutes, while safeguarding the lungs from excessive heat exposure.

Are there health risks associated with smoking CBD oil?

It’s essential to note the inherent risks of smoking anything is due to the smoke itself rather than the substance being smoked. Studies consistently link smoking to potential health problems, including heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, or emphysema.

Moreover, when vaping CBD, it’s crucial to avoid adding regular sublingual CBD oil to a vape pen. CBD vape liquids undergo a specific formulation process, mixing CBD extract with an emulsifier to make it suitable for vaping. Inhaling standard CBD oil can be detrimental to health and pose potential risks.

Always consider consulting a healthcare professional before integrating CBD oil or any other substance into your smoking routine, especially if you have underlying health concerns or conditions. This information serves as educational content and should not replace professional medical advice or treatment.

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