Canndid 300mg CBD Gummies
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Canndid 300mg CBD Gummies Review.

UK CBD companies producing gummies are a dime a dozen. However, when a brand delivers a product that parallels or exceeds traditional candy, we take notice. Canndid has done just that, and we couldn’t be more excited to tell you that we’ve tried their 300mg CBD Gummies and are here to report our experience.

In this review, we cover everything you need to know about Canndid’s CBD gummies, including taste, effects, texture, and where to buy 2 boxes and get a 3rd free!

Why We Like Canndid CBD

If you like a brand with a face and story behind the products, Canndid CBD is an excellent option. The company was started by a former footballer whose body took a beating and was forced into retirement. After discovering CBD, the founder decided to create his own company with the hopes of helping other athletes elongate their sporting careers through the natural healing properties of CBD.

CBD Gummies from Canndid CBD

To be completely honest, these didn’t last long. Gummies are my favorite candy; I could have 5 boxes in one sitting.

Canndid absolutely perfected the most coveted CBD edibles; here’s what I thought.


These gummies are massive, drenched in sugar, and delightfully colorful. Too many CBD brands cut corners, putting out unattractive-looking candy, which takes away from the experience. Canndid took their time and curated a product that passed any gummy connoisseur’s eye test.

Canndid 300mg CBD Gummies
Canndid 300mg CBD Gummies


It may be an understatement to say these gummies taste as good as they look. While these are highly pleasant, gummies are popular because of their taste. After reviewing many infused gummies, these are among the top tiers.

Each Canndid gummy packs a punch in 8 different natural fruit flavours. My favorite is the Blackberry, hands down, and I could be in the running for my top choice of any gummy I’ve tried to date.


After taking (2) 15mg gummies the day after working out, I felt a significant difference in my muscle recovery. Typically, I can hardly squat down after a hard leg workout, but I managed to live the next day without overly noticeable soreness.


One of my favorite aspects of the Canndid CBD Gummies is their texture. This is an overlooked aspect of gummies in general; however, it plays a significant role in the overall experience. You don’t want them too hard, soft, or chewy. Canndid Gummies hits the mark with the perfect balance of pure, sugary, gummy bliss.

The Advantage of CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are a top-selling cannabinoid hemp product because of their convenience and taste. While they don’t have as high a bioavailability or effectiveness as flower, oil, or vape, you may be more likely to take your CBD if you enjoy the taste regularly. At the end of the day, you need your dose of CBD; if you aren’t enjoying the delivery method, the efficiency doesn’t matter.

Dosing Recommendation

Gummies are still an effective way to enjoy CBD, especially relative to other edibles. However, bioavailability lags behind other methods. As a result, we recommend increasing your dosage if you are used to taking CBD oil or vape. For example, if you find benefits from a 25mg dose of CBD oil, you may need to increase your dosage when taking gummies to 30-40mg.

Where to Buy Canndid CBD Gummies

Canndid 300mg CBD Gummies are available on Express CBD, and if you buy 2 boxes, you’ll get the 3rd free! If you want to support a company that sources premium hemp, makes high-quality products, and understands the importance of taste, shop Canndid CBD today. 

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