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CBD Blume Changes The Flavor Game With Fresh Flower

When shopping online for CBD products, there are endless lists of gummies, tinctures, and body creams to choose from – many of which are very useful and excellent as an anti-inflammatory aid or to reduce stress. However much of this product is produced with CBD extracts or isolates. These are concentrates derived from the hemp plant that are rich in beneficial compounds like cannabinoids or terpenes. 

The more we learn about CBD and hemp, the more research there is that compels us to think there may be something particularly useful about full-plant or full-spectrum extracts because of something we call the entourage effect (the combined effects of each compound pulled from a single plant). 

CBD Blume offers a new twist on CBD products, based on the classic practices of cannabis cultivation. They have developed their own strain specific CBD flowers, that they sell online in both flower and extract form. This provides a one of a kind medicinal experience for consumers that may find a specific strain profile is the perfect medicine for their needs. 

How Hemp Gets Its Flavor

Each strain provides a unique experience, based on the effects of the active compounds in the flower’s resin. These compounds include both cannabinoids like CBD or CBN, as well as terpenes and other aromatic compounds. 

When a breeder selects a particularly fragrant flower to breed, this individual flower is a phenotype. It is a unique variation of its parent plant’s genetics, and it can be cloned and harvested over and over again. 

Some of these phenotypes, or strains become more popular overtime as consumers seek a specific effect from the plant – some strains may have a more sedative effect, while others might have a more energizing one. 

This process has been incredibly competitive in the cannabis industry, with brands built upon the creation of a phenotype (have you heard of Cookies?). This cultivation style was less popular in the world of hemp, however in recent years it has gained traction after strains like Charlotte’s Web were developed in the pursuit of cancer treatment via CBD

Now CBD consumers can get the same benefits from strains once potent with THC, now without psychoactive effects or residual THC in their bodies. 

Different Strains, Different Effects

Within the hemp flower, there are a few classes of compounds that provide the smell, taste, and effects – all of these show up in unique ways in different strains. 

Beyond cannabinoids and terpenes, there are other compounds like esters and aldehydes that have their own relaxing and antimicrobial effects. We are still learning more about how to predict the effects of a given strain based on its flavor profile, however it is still a great deal of fun to explore and sample the strains to find your personal favorites. 

CBD Blume Offers A New Type Of CBD Experience

In their online store, Blume offers a wide variety of CBD strains, all grown with the same high-quality standards as top shelf Californian cannabis. 

Some classics they offer in CBD only flower include Gorilla Glue, Wedding Cake, and Jack Herer. Select from both indoor and outdoor grown varieties depending on your budget. 

Beyond The Buds

In addition to their large menu of premium CBD flower, CBD Blume offers their flavorful flowers in the form of artisan grade hash, wax, and concentrates online. They have an incredible line of old school hash products, and pharmaceutical grade CBD oils. 

This extensive menu of unique, flavorful, and traditional hemp product can both bring you back in time with amazing products and quality, while also propelling you into the future of artisan CBD only products. 

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