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CBD Is An Athlete’s Best Friend: How Soul CBD Made A Pro Athlete’s Career Possible

In the world of sports, maintaining optimal health can prove harder than it looks. Despite how much care athletes put into their bodies and training programs, it is common for athletes to struggle with real world pains and illnesses everyone faces.

Rather than succumbing to the pains of chronic illness, CBD provides an all-natural solution to keep you active and uplifted. Take it from the founders of Soul CBD, a brand built on the success story of an athlete’s battle to stay in the game after a difficult health diagnosis almost ended their career.

Who is Soul CBD?

This family founded company started when couple Mike and Angie Lee were inspired by their personal success using CBD for serious health issues. Mike is a world-ranked professional boxer, who in 2014 was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, an autoimmune disease that nearly ended his career.

The couple found CBD when searching for natural alternatives for treatment, and found a great deal of relief both mentally and physically from CBD supplements. As Mike continued his career as a pro athlete, the couple began to build Soul CBD so many more consumers could experience the same success with CBD.

They take pride in offering clean, gluten free, third party tested CBD products, and currently supply their products to over 7 million people worldwide.

The benefits of CBD for athletes

CBD has countless benefits when it comes to nervous system health, however there are two primary benefits for athletes to try CBD. This amazing compound can help reduce pain and inflammation, while also aiding in mental and emotional processing.

CBD has properties that can soothe pain and swelling, while also minimizing muscle spasming in the body. This makes it an excellent choice for cooling down after a hard workout, or even relieving cramping during menstruation. Many athletes incorporate CBD into their training regiments to protect and soothe their muscles and joints from the physical stress of their sport.

In addition to physical benefits, CBD also has a significant impact on mental and emotional health. It can create mental clarity as CBD interacts directly with the part of the nervous system that influences memory. It meters our body’s response to stress, changing the way we process emotions and stress, making it easier to think through challenging situations. CBD relieves stress so it does not impact cognitive function, and rather keeps the mind and body balanced.

CBD products designed for targeted relief

The team behind Soul CBD takes wellness very seriously, with extensive backgrounds in the pro sports arena, they have access to all of the health secrets that CBD can support. Rather than turning to expensive supplements and pharmaceuticals, CBD provides relief from inflammation and supports natural recovery for the mind and body.

They have developed a line of capsules, tinctures, and CBD gummies to aid with unique illnesses and conditions that both athletes and nonathletes face daily. Products like Gut Hero are made to support the healthy microbiome of the digestive system, while soothing inflammation. This product is particularly great for those struggling with autoimmune issues as well. CBD can act as a gentle anti-microbial aid that will not harm the healthy bacteria of the gut.

Soul also carries products for hormonal balance and thyroid health to support healthy nervous system function and restore the body to homeostasis. CBD has been found to be a promising plant-based alternative to therapeutics for adrenal and thyroid health, and these products are infused with other complimentary plant-based ingredients to enhance their effects.

In addition to their edible and supplement products, Soul also carries a Rapid Relief Cream. This 1500mg CBD topical was formulated for fast acting relief, ideal for recovery after intense physical activity or stress. This is a great option for a post-workout treat or to aid with chronic pain from conditions like arthritis.

CBD provides real results for long lasting health

Explore the many different person and pet friendly CBD products available through Soul’s online store and revamp your medicine cabinet with this plant-based goodness.

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