A long commute can feel less stressful with CBD

Is It Safe to Operate A Vehicle While Taking CBD?

There is almost nothing more stressful than a long and treacherous commute home from work. When the average driver in England spends 25 days per year in their cars, it is no surprise that many people are turning to CBD as a way to soothe them and keep spirits up on the road. But, can you drive on CBD? 

Let’s take a look at how CBD affects driving safety. You’ll know once and for all if you can drive while taking CBD.

Can you drive on CBD?

Yes, you can absolutely drive while consuming CBD in the United Kingdom. CBD products derived from hemp that contain less than 0.2% THC will not leave you impaired. In some parts of the world, CBD may still be considered an illegal substance. This would make it illegal to consume while driving. Thus, it is important to check the local policies on CBD safety before taking CBD and driving. 

Beyond the legality, CBD is incredibly safe for driving based on the science behind how CBD impacts the body and mind. 

How CBD works on the brain

Understanding how CBD interacts with the body sheds light on its safety for drivers. Unlike its cousin molecule, THC, CBD doesn’t induce intoxication or drowsiness. Its non-psychoactive nature allows individuals to engage in activities like driving, exercising, or operating heavy machinery without impairment. 

Moreover, CBD’s impact on the nervous system helps regulate bodily functions related to mood, focus, memory, and stress management – essential components for safe driving practices. The compound’s calming effects coupled with a clear-headed state could potentially promote a more composed and focused driving experience. 

Navigating legalities: CBD and DUI laws

In certain jurisdictions, particularly in the United States, consuming CBD through smoking or vaping could result in THC detection during DUI tests. However, in the UK, where CBD isn’t considered a controlled substance, its use isn’t typically a cause for legal concern while driving. 

When consumed responsibly and in compliance with local regulations, CBD appears to pose minimal risk to driving safety. CBD, may even present an option for people to calm their mind and body to be a more safe and rational driver. 

It’s important to note that individual reactions to CBD can vary. It is best to get to know how your body reacts to CBD. Staying informed about local laws and consulting healthcare professionals can provide tailored guidance for CBD usage, ensuring a safe and stress-free driving experience. 

So next time you’re stuck in a traffic jam, remember that CBD can help relax your nerves and keep your body feeling at ease. 

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