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CBD Lozenges and the Other CBD Products You Must Try in 2023

Modern edibles are nothing like your uncle’s old brownie recipe. In 2023, there are more options than ever to enjoy the medicinal benefits of CBD in a tasty, easy to dose treat.

Back in the day edible CBD and cannabis products were somewhat limited to sugary desserts like chocolates and baked goods, and were often homemade leaving room for inconsistency in dosing.

The innovations of the natural food market and manufactured snacks have improved the quality of CBD edibles, leading to novel and delicious options for everyone – whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or you like your snacks salty.

Why CBD edibles?

Edible CBD is an excellent choice to support mood stability, anti-inflammation, and even post-workout recovery. Edible products are metabolized in the body starting with the digestive system, meaning they are processed exclusively in the liver, passing into the bloodstream to the rest of the nervous system.

This typically takes a longer time to take effect, as it must be digested first. On average, edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a full hour to take effect, however because it is slowly digested in the body its effects last considerably longer than a vaporized or topical CBD alternative.

This can be great for long lasting relief, and is a discrete and easy way to dose CBD throughout the day.

Three popular CBD edibles you should try

Even if there are hundreds of options to consider, selecting CBD should be fun and easy! To help you get a head start on shopping for the latest trending CBD edibles, we have made a list of some of the most popular CBD edible products on the market.

1. Wyld cbd gummies

This Oregon based brand produces high quality hemp derived products at a compassionate price. They take environmental impact seriously and pride themselves in being a Climate Neutral Certified brand.

Select from a gourmet line of CBD gummy flavors, including blackberry, peach, lemon, and huckleberry. Each flavor has been crafted and inspired by local fruits. They also carry a line of CBD sleep gummies infused with CBN, a minor cannabinoid known for its sedative effects.

2. Cbd lozenges

CBD lozenges like those from CBD Living are great for combating pain and swelling. Support your immune system’s function with hard candy lozenges. It works with fast acting relief on the affected area, coating the throat so the CBD can absorb for longer lasting results.

Many of these products are infused with nano CBD – an emulsified and more bioavailable form of CBD. You can be sure to get every drop of CBD to soothe soreness and support your body’s natural healing process.

3. Sunmed CBD

Sunmed CBD is a Florida based, women owned CBD company. They came to be after founder, Rachel Quinn, found CBD as a solution for managing debilitating symptoms from Crohn’s disease.

All Sunmed CBD products are developed with the science of CBD in mind, and third party tested to ensure the best quality for consumers.

They have developed product lines to fit specific lifestyle needs: Mind, Body, Sleep, Rise, Pet, and Fitness focused. They also offer services for helping to find the ideal product for your needs, making shopping a breeze for first timers.

In addition to their CBD menu, Sunmed CBD also carries a number of Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC products – which are CBD or hemp derived novel cannabinoids with stronger properties without the strong psychoactive effects of THC.

CBD edibles make living your best life taste great

Whether you are looking for immune support and localized soothing in the throat, or long lasting and full body relief – CBD edibles will empower you to manage pain, balance your mood, and relieve burn out from daily life. Rest and restore your body by enjoying delicious CBD edibles!

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