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Does CBD Flower Taste Like Weed?

The great taste and many benefits of smoking CBD flower make it no surprise it is as popular as it is!

It is now mainstream and part of daily life to millions of people that vape or toke it for its relief and wellness traits but what is CBD?  How does its flavor compare to weed?  And does CBD taste like weed and classic flower and cannabis?  

These are some excellent questions indeed!  

Join us below as we cover all you need to know about Cannabidiol!  

This valued cannabinoid from the Cannabis Sativa plant lets you fuel energy and creativity levels without mental or cerebral impairment and with some of the OG classic tastes and aromas we all love and know!

Taste Comparison – CBD Flower vs. Real Weed and Marijuana

There are factors to consider when comparing the tastes of these two cannabis plants, let us dive on in!

THC and Weed vs. CBD Potency

What mainly separates the two are their CBD and THC concentrations.

Real weed, or marijuana, will make you high while CBD flower will not.  

Those who vape or smoke marijuana get high, or baked as some like to call it, as it contains Delta-9 THC.  This is a psychotropic cannabinoid that brings about the fuzzy, couch-lock feels that is usually associated with 420 smoke sessions.  

However, for CBD to be legal, it must have 0.3% or less of THC by dry weight.  This means it will not get you high or elevated yet it still has terpenes and flavor profiles that mimic classic tastes you remember from back in the day.  For many people, CBD tastes very similar to real weed and likely will for you too.

THC and Weed vs. CBD Flavor Profiles

CBD and weed come in many strains that bring unique aromas and flavor profiles as each has terpenes and flavonoids that may bring earthy tastes or sweet and fruity notes.  And just like weed, CBD can have floral or woody or citrusy flavors, depending on the strain it comes from.

The Blissful World of Terpenes

In addition to giving a range of potential therapeutic benefits, terpenes also influence the taste, aroma, and effects of weed and CBD flowers.  Terpenes are the lead contributor to how cannabis strains taste, and most have a distinctive scent and flavor profile that can range from fruity and sweet to earthy and oh-so-pungent.

The presence, as well as the concentration of unique terpenes in a given strain, highly effects its smell and overall taste.  Terpenes are also able to engage other compounds in the cannabis plant, and in the process, can create new ones that have unique tastes and aromas.

Why Terpenes are Essential to the Taste of Weed and CBD Flower

Terpenes are found in both CBD and marijuana buds.  Marijuana, as well as hemp plants that grow CBD flower, contain well over a hundred distinct terpenes that impact the final smell and taste of the flower.

How Terpenes Differ Between Real Weed and CBD Flower

Real weed and CBD flower can taste the same as similar terpene and flavonoid profiles can be found in both hemp and marijuana strains.  As such, it is possible to get the same taste as real weed from high-CBD flower that is grown from the same strain, but how well it is cured and cultivated plays a role too.

How Cultivation and Quality Control Impact the Taste of CBD Flower

Terpenes aside, the cultivation and processing of CBD flower also impact how similar the resulting CBD flower tastes compared to real weed.  Things like growth methods, curing techniques, and harvesting processes affect the taste of CBD flower and marijuana too; let us have a look at these essential factors:

  • Growth method, how hemp and marijuana plants grow undoubtedly affects their final taste.  As an example, in conditions where rich soil and sunlight exposure are had, organic plants grown in Mother Nature may procure flavor profiles that are far superior to indoor, hydroponically grown plants that are treated with chemicals.
  • Timing of harvest, it is quite essential real weed and CBD flower be harvested at the right time!  Cultivated too early, CBD and weed buds will not fully develop terpene profiles, and as a result, will not be as pungent or flavorful.  On the flip side, overripe plants that grow past their harvest cycle can have a taste that is not as strong or flavorful as it would have been if cropped in time.
  • Curing technique, how CBD buds and marijuana plants are cured have a tremendous impact on their final taste.  Hemp or cannabis plants that are not properly dried and cured can be damp or moist, if this takes place you mind as well wave farewell to most of its aroma and flavor profiles!

As made clear, many factors contribute to the taste of weed and CBD, and by keeping them in mind, you can know what to look for when buying weed or CBD products and have a better taste experience in the process!  All this said, does CBD flower taste like weed?  Indeed it can but be sure to check the strain of the CBD bud if you want a similar taste to a specific marijuana strain as weed and hemp grown from the same genetics often yield similar flavor and terpene profiles.

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