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Does CBD Flower Smell?

There are times when CBD flower gives off the OG-classic aroma we all love and know.

However, this is not from CBD but rather terpenes on resin glands along the flower.

Many times, CBD flower tastes and smells like weed and can bring similar benefits with none of the adverse, high-like effects that companion conventional marijuana.

This said, YES!  CBD flower can smell and taste like real weed but to a milder extent based on the strain and genetics of the flower being burned.  Although, whether it is vaped or smoked also influences how pronounced its aroma and effects are.

The reason CBD can smell like marijuana is each contains terpenes from the hemp plant.  These naturally occurring flavonoids and compounds are essential as they determine the scent, flavor, and aroma of the final product.  Given this, and the fact marijuana and hemp-sourced CBD are each variations of cannabis, they have similar traits with a smell or taste that may closely mimic the other; at times indistinguishable!

So does CBD flower smell?  Indeed it can and often will due to terpenes that bring therapeutic benefits and the signature smell that will take you back to the day but not all people want their home or clothing to smell like weed.  If this is your case a CBD vape pen will get the job done and let you stealthily relieve.

Read as we dive into Cannabidiol and the flavorful factors that impact the way it smells and tastes when consumed!

What is CBD Flower?

What are CBD flowers?

Where does CBD flower come from?

And will CBD flower get you high or euphoric?

Great questions many CBD newcomers inquire!

CBD buds come from hemp plants that are uniquely bred to contain high amounts of cannabidiol; better known as CBD!  This cherished cannabinoid, which is one of hundreds in the plant, is not a psychoactive compound that gets people high, unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is a psychotropic compound.

While CBD and THC are phytocannabinoids, CBD buds are very low in THC as hemp plants only contain a small amount of it – 0.3% or less to be precise.  

However, despite it not giving high-like sensations, an entourage effect can be had with CBD as terpenes and flavonoids, as well as THC and other phytocannabinoids, are still present in full-spectrum CBD buds.  These factors work together – in synergistic harmony – to bring a range of wellness benefits to the table.

In short, CBD works by engaging the ECS in the body.  By binding to receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which supports internal balance and a higher sense of well-being, CBD works to promote sleep, solace, and comfort, and not only by engaging the ECS but the brain and central nervous system too.

What Impacts the Smell of CBD Flower?

Each CBD strain is unique due to its terpene profile, which refers to its contained blend of terpenes that impact its flavor and aroma.  You may find it interesting that when you smell food or flowers or cleaning products, what you really smell are terpenes!  These are organic compounds that are found in all plants Mother Nature gives us, and hemp is no exception.  More specifically, terpenes are found in oils plants like hemp produce, which is said by experts to produce more terpenes than any other plant in existence!

Does CBD Flower Smell Like Weed?

The quick answer is YES, CBD and weed can smell alike.  While all CBD strains have a flavor and aroma of their own, they often contain the same terpenes as marijuana so when smoked the smell of CBD may be indistinguishable from burning marijuana.

How Strongly Does CBD Flower Smell?

On its own, CBD flower has no smell, and it was not until recent times when breeders perfected the art of cultivation.  Now, CBD flower is aromatically stronger than ever before with higher terpene densities that make it smell like classic cannabis but to a lesser degree, based on the mix of terpenes in the strain.

Smell of CBD Flower When Vaped or Smoked

How strong an aroma CBD flower has depends on how it is used.  Its aroma is most pronounced and comparable to marijuana when burned given the smoke caused from the combustion process, which amplifies the aroma all that much more.  When vaped, the aroma of CBD flower may mildly and briefly resemble weed but not nearly as much as when smoked.  Remember, vaping CBD bud does not involve burning of the plant, so the smell and vapor will more quickly dissipate

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