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How to Use CBD Like A Pro

This multifaceted, anti-inflammatory molecule continues to provide people relief from physical and emotional stress worldwide. CBD can be consumed in a number of ways, each method providing its own profile of effects. 

With so much possibility, how can one choose the best CBD product and know they are getting the most out of their experience? Well, with a few simple tips you can select CBD, just like a trained health coach or consultant!

Understanding your dosing preferences

To master your dosing and method of treatment, you must first define your goals with CBD. 

What are you using CBD for?

Depending on what kinds of benefits you are looking to receive from taking CBD, some formulas may work better than others. Whether you’re looking for pain relief from joint and muscle aches, or to feel more balanced mentally and emotionally there are different concentrations and consumption methods that will ensure the best results. 

Variations in dose can alter your experience with CBD. For example, a higher dose may be more suitable for physical pain or spasming, while a lower dose taken more frequently can have positive effects on mood and memory. 

Do you have any limitations in method of treatment?

There are sometimes challenges a medical patient might face when incorporating CBD into their wellness routine. For people that deal with spasms or difficulties with muscle control, tinctures and topicals might not be as effective or fast acting as an inhaler. There are a number of CBD products available today to support all levels of accessibility. 

How to consume CBD

There are three main approaches to health with CBD. You can consume CBD orally, topically, or via inhalation. Of these three methods of use, oral consumption is the most common in tinctures and edible forms. 

Though oral ingestion of CBD has proven successful, it comes with some limitations. Digestive processes can degrade the quality of the CBD, meaning it could prove less effective than methods that bypass the digestive system. 

Things to avoid when taking CBD oil

There are a few important risk factors to keep in mind when dosing CBD safely:

  • Drug interactions (check with your doctor)
  • Avoid taking too high or low of a dose (between 5mg to 500mg)
  • Always confirm third party testing on products you buy

What is the best way to take CBD oil?


The best way to ensure tinctures and sublingual products are used properly is to allow the tincture time to absorb under the tongue before swallowing. This helps the CBD reach the capillary-rich areas in your mouth that will send the CBD directly to your bloodstream (avoiding that digestive tract like we talked about before). 


A great trick to know when working with topical CBD products is to apply it twice at a time. Massage in a small initial amount of CBD into the skin, allowing about 5-10 minutes for absorption into the body. After waiting, apply a second, heavier layer of CBD to the same area of the skin for extra strength results. This initial application activates the skin tissue and primes the nervous system for uptake of the cannabinoid. This is a simple way to enhance bioavailability of CBD!


Vaporizers and inhalers are the fastest acting form of CBD available. These products take roughly 2 minutes to take full effect, and are incredible for mood stability, stress relief, and acute inflammation or muscle spasming. It is a little harder to meter a dose of this class of products, so it is typically safer for beginners to start on edibles and tinctures and work their way up. 

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