CBD Flower

How is CBD Flower Made?

You likely heard of CBD flower as it is a popular way to enjoy cannabis, and for many good reasons!
Most know of products like CBD topicals and gummies, which contain CBD that is extracted from hemp plants though what exactly is CBD hemp flower? How is CBD flower made, and should you give it a try?
Great questions indeed! Often taking place in labs, CBD is typically extracted from cannabis plants via a process known as CO2 extraction, a method that yields a pure and potent CBD extract.
For most people, CBD is the best way to use cannabis as it gives all the wellness benefits of the plant without intoxicating effects, making it ideal for those who need to remain focused during the day.
But how can CBD flower do this? It is no mystery, join us below as we share how CBD flower is made and the ways it works, it is not as complex as you may think!

What is CBD Flower?

Despite its name, CBD flower not only contains CBD, the leading and most abundant cannabinoid in the hemp plant, but other desirable compounds that have synergistic traits that bring what most refer to as the entourage effect.
CBD is most plentiful in female hemp plants, which contains a full spectrum of the compounds we all love and know; they are simply flowers that were directly picked from female hemp plants and dried.
This flower hosts a range of cannabinoids and compounds like terpenes that bring unique aromas and flavors to the table. Simply put, CBD flower is hemp in pure form, and it is a full spectrum product that can leave you feeling whole, relieved, and at ease and peace for the day.

How is CBD Flower Created?

CBD flower is not created. It naturally grows and is picked from female hemp plants at the end of their flowering cycle, which can be two to eight months. Unlike hemp oils and topicals, as well as CBD edibles and tinctures, CBD flowers do not undergo an extraction or alteration process. For this reason, people often deem it to be the purest and cleanest form of CBD as it grows and comes directly from the plant.

What Makes CBD Flower So Popular?

For one, it is known to bring the purest hemp experience.
Plus it is fully natural and richly packed with flavorful terpenes and wellness-promoting cannabinoids.

This makes CBD flower a great ally to healthy diets, and its potential as a treatment for symptoms of daily life, like aches, tension, anxiety, and insomnia, makes it highly popular among those who seek a holistic relief approach.
Unlike marijuana, CBD does not contain psychoactive cannabinoids, and it will not bring psychotropic effects as for it to be legal, it must contain less than 0.3% THC by volume. With a low amount of D9 THC, it will not get you high but this is a good thing, and just one reason it is so popular as many people want the relief of cannabis but while keeping mental clarity too, which is why many use it during the daytime.

Types of CBD Flower Products

If you buy CBD flower online, it may come as loose flower or as pre-rolls that take just a lighter to enjoy.

Most websites that sell CBD flower give you the option, so you can pick the one that fits your style best!

Buying CBD Flower

Heard the hype and want to buy CBD flower to see what the noise is about? If so, do so knowing not all sellers offer the same quality buds. Ideally, you want to buy indoor-grown CBD flower, and flower with a CBD concentration of at least fifteen percent. You should also ensure they come with a lab report so you know there are no chemicals, additives, or pesticides used in the cultivation or harvesting process.

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