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How to Dose CBD

Finding the Perfect Dose of CBD

Deciding how to properly dose yourself with CBD should be exciting. You are on your way to unlocking all the calming benefits of this plant-based supplement. Before you try CBD, this article will help break down all of the steps in finding the perfect dose of CBD for you. 

Understanding biphasic dosing

Dosing with CBD isn’t as simple as a single tried and true dose based on body weight, the way you might dose other OTC medications. Though genetics, body weight, and tolerance all play a role in accurately dosing CBD, there is one factor that affects us all when seeking the perfect dose. 

CBD is known as a biphasic substance, meaning there is a minimum and maximum threshold in which a dose will no longer be as effective. This phenomenon makes both a 2 mg dose and a 600 mg dose equally as ineffective. 

All CBD dosing falls within a range between 5 mg up to 500 mg depending on the person. There may be variations in benefits experienced at these different doses. It is often encouraged for people to explore increasing their dosing until achieving desired results. The key to not over doing it is to go slowly, increasing a daily dose by about 5-10 mg at a time. This will help minimize the potential for unwanted side effects. 

Finding the perfect dose of CBD is based on two key factors. How often will you take CBD; and what affects are you looking to experience.

How often should you take CBD?

There is no inherently right or wrong way to re-up on a dose of CBD. In topical applications, reapplying CBD after a short duration can actually increase bioavailability through the skin. Depending on the specific dosing model you use, taking CBD 1-2 times daily may be ideal. However, it is safe to consume CBD multiple times a day. Just pay mind to building a tolerance and how that might affect long term dosage. 

What are you using CBD to treat?

As mentioned above, CBD can certainly yield different results when consumed at specific doses. Most of the evidence on effects related to dosing is primarily anecdotal at this time. There are some cases where dosing can be measured to aid with specific symptoms. Below are a few common CBD dosing models that have been effective. 

CBD for physical pain relief

CBD is an incredible anti-inflammatory compound, helping athletes and everyday people with everything from muscle soreness, joint pain, and healthy nervous system regulation. Dosing for pain relief typically occurs as needed, at around 20-250 mg doses. This can be consumed orally or topically to affected areas. 

CBD for stress relief

For soothing your mind and relieving anxiety or depression symptoms, dosing looks a little different. It has been found that low doses of 5-20 mg of CBD over the course of several months dramatically reduces the overall impact that stress has on the mind and body. CBD has even been tested for the treatment of PTSD related anxiety with considerable potential as a treatment for several other anxiety disorders. 

CBD as an antispasmodic

The therapeutic potential for CBD as an antispasmodic and anti-seizure aid has been shown effective in clinical trials. Furthermore its neuroprotective and antipsychotic effects may offer more relief to individuals’ neurological disorders than just relief from active spasming. This could present an alternative and safe treatment option for patients who are resistant to other conventional anti-epileptic drugs. To understand safe and proper dosing, it is important to speak with a trusted medical professional. 

CBD for balance and overall wellness

When it comes to daily wellness, CBD has many benefits for people just looking to have a little more mental clarity and ease of mind. A simple dose between 5-15 mg daily can help offer long lasting benefits to your nervous system, affecting mood, sleep, hunger, memory, and hormonal balance. 

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