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Level Up Your Hair Care Routine with CBD Waxing and More!

CBD skin care has become increasingly popular in the world of beauty, known for its potential as an anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and possible anti-aging properties. However, there is a new trend rising in the world of CBD beauty: CBD hair care.

Last year, the global CBD skin care market size was valued at roughly $964 million (USD) with the projection for it to expand at an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.5% from 2023 to 2030.

It is no wonder more beauty products are coming to market, and now with new innovations in formulation and nanoemulsion technologies, CBD can now be infused into both oil and water based products with relative ease.

CBD Beauty

There is a significant amount of evidence already backing CBD as a great topical ingredient. Its localized pain relieving effects for muscular and joint related pain have made CBD a common remedy for consumers of all walks of life.

Does CBD really work on your hair?

Despite what we know about the benefits of CBD, there are many misleading claims out there that have lead to impractical beauty products. Things like CBD body wash or mascara are ineffectual as they don’t absorb into the skin quick enough to provide any noticeable effects.

So if CBD doesn’t really work on your eyelashes, does it do anything for your hair?

When it comes to hair health the main focus is typically at the scalp, roots, and tips. A healthy root and scalp will ensure all new hair growth is strong and healthy, whereas repairing the tips of your hair gives the appearance of healthy hair but may not impact your overall health.

Beyond CBD’s benefits for the skin’s surface, it is also deeply nourishing for the nervous system. This is critical for hair health, as the nervous system regulates hormones in the body, a key element of how our hair grows and dies.

There is still considerable research that needs to be done to confirm the impact of CBD on hair health, but its effects on the regulation of hormones and its anti-inflammatory properties are compelling evidence to say, yes, CBD truly could benefit your scalp and hair.

The benefits of CBD for your scalp and skin

Based on the evidence discussed above, it is possible that CBD may:

  • Regulate hormonal processes related to hair growth and stress
  • Provide relief from dry or itchy scalp
  • Offer gentle antimicrobial effects to combat dander
  • Reduce swelling and redness of the scalp and skin

This could change everything about waxing, shaving, and moisturizing your scalp and hair – especially for anyone struggling with sensitive skin.

CBD waxing and shaving

CBD is a very complimentary ingredient to be infused into waxing oils and shaving creams. Warming the skin with water first will help open up pores and make the CBD and other botanical ingredients soak in.

CBD can help minimize razor burn and redness, while also soothing any pain associated with hair removal. Its antimicrobial properties aid in protecting the exposed pores and follicles to bacterial infection – minimizing the risks of ingrown hairs or acne on the skin’s surface.

CBD for men’s hair

CBD infused hair oils and CBD pomade are now available for purchase, as there has been increasing curiosity around CBD supporting healthy hair growth.

A 2021 study found that CBD can increase hair growth in androgenetic alopecia patients. During the study, subjects applied a topical hemp oil (3-4 mg of CBD) once a day experienced a 93.5% increase in hair after six months.

When shopping for CBD hair care it is important to confirm there is CBD present, as some products are advertised as cannabis or hemp, when they only have hemp oil that only contains trace amounts of CBD.

Adding CBD to your hair care can soothe and revitalize

Next time you are looking to upgrade your hair care routine, consider adding CBD as an essential and nourishing plant-based alternative. CBD can even be added to your favorite hair oil to enhance the products you already know and love. CBD will help restore scalp health and leave you with a calm and cool mind, and naturally luscious locks!

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