Traveling with CBD is easy once you understand the laws.

Navigating Air Travel with CBD: Your Companion for Stress-Free Journeys

As we move out of this past holiday season, people everywhere are coming home from winter holiday. Traveling can bring on a new level of stress for many people. Thankfully, CBD offers a new found relief for holiday travelers. In this article we will uncover all the benefits of CBD for travelers, as well as answer the important question; can you take CBD oil on a plane?

Can you take CBD oil on a plane?

Yes, indeed, flying to and from the UK with CBD oil or CBD infused products like gummies is permissible, provided they comply with the legal THC concentration limits (0.2% or less). These products can go in your luggage safely, so long as they are listed as food supplement products, based on the certification systems in place from the product’s country of origin. 

Additionally, it can be assumed that all other guidelines for product sizing and active ingredients must meet all regulatory standards, especially with liquid based products. Travelers using E-pens or vaporizers with battery cells must be cautious, as these may require special travel considerations. It’s advisable to review airport guidelines prior to your trip. 

Know the CBD laws of your destination location

Different countries have varying regulations governing the transportation and consumption of CBD. Travelers must acquaint themselves with the laws of their destination to avoid any unwanted headaches. Some countries such as Belgium, China, Egypt, and Russia, prohibit CBD products for travelers. Others may necessitate an official medical prescription to carry CBD. However, the UK and EU generally offer a safe passage for CBD travelers. 

Some tips for traveling with CBD oil

To ensure a hassle-free travel experience with CBD, here are some prudent tips: 

  1. Hand luggage storage: Store your CBD in your hand luggage to prevent any issues during security checks.
  2. Quantitative limits: Carry only 100mL or less of CBD within the UK.
  3. Lab reporters documentation: Print out lab reports verifying the THC content of your CBD product. This documentation serves as proof that your CBD complies with legal THC levels, facilitating a seamless journey through airport security. 

CBD may improve your travel experience

As travelers seek relief from the rigors of air travel, CBD stands out as a supportive companion, offering a natural remedy for joint pain, inflammation, stress management, and improves mental clarity. The ability to fly with CBD grants UK travelers with the potential to alleviate discomfort and promote relaxation during their journeys. 

While embracing CBD’s potential to ease travel pains, it’s crucial to prioritize awareness of legal considerations. In the worst case scenarios it is likely that your CBD product would be confiscated and destroyed if it did not meet the legal standards. But following these tips will help you avoid any hold ups at the airport, so you can kick your feet up and focus on where you’re going. 

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