Orange County CBD 1500mg CBD Oil
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Orange County 1500mg CBD Oil Review.

CBD Oil continues to reign supreme as the most popular way to take CBD. It’s easy and effective, and you won’t find yourself eating an entire box of tasty, infused snacks in one sitting. However, not all oil Is created equal. In addition, you’ll need to find a high-quality product to reap the rewards.

In this review, we are covering an impressive, well-made product: the 1500mg CBD oil from Orange County CBD in cherry flavour. We’ll describe the taste, effects, and where you can purchase the premium cannabidiol oil.  

Orange County CBD

Inspired by California and manufactured in the UK, Orange County CBD is one of the industry’s most decorated brands. From their team of renowned health experts to giving back to the community, OC CBD is everything you want in a hemp company.

Orange County CBD 1500mg CBD Oil Review

We’ve had the pleasure of trying OC CBD products in the past and had high expectations going in. We can confidently say that the 1500mg Cherry CBD Oil is the mark.

Orange County CBD 1500mg CBD Oil
Orange County CBD 1500mg CBD Oil

I’ve been taking a 50mg dose twice a day for the last week; read on for our full product review.

When the oil hits your tongue, the cherry flavor has an intense fruity taste with a hint of medicine. We say this in the best possible way. The taste goes down smooth and doesn’t linger in your mouth too long. So, if you don’t mind (or can’t get enough of) cherry-flavoured cough syrup, this is the product for you!

I take CBD in the morning after breakfast and before going to bed. The pain and stress I experienced during the day were noticeably reduced. In addition, I’m falling asleep instantly and waking up feeling refreshed.

Recommended Dosage

Even if you’re a CBD veteran, dosage is always essential to consider. In many cases, novice users and experts will take too little or too much CBD per dose, so here’s our baseline recommendation.

Start with 10-20mg 1-2 times daily for at least a week. If you are accomplishing the benefits you desire, great! Stick to the dosage! You will gain tolerance over time, so be mindful of what you get from the product. If you aren’t experiencing the benefits, increase the dosage by 10-20mg weekly.

When determining your ideal dosage, consider the benefits you want to incur. For some of the conditions where CBD provides relief, take a larger dose. For example, stress and anxiety may take more than chronic pain. A study from the University of Colorado found that participants experience relief from anxiety after taking 300-600mg. This is an extremely high (and expensive) dose. Most people find relief between 20 and 50mg. However, this study shows that different conditions could require more CBD to be effective.

How to Maximize Absorption

CBD is pricey. Whether you are taking 5mg or 500mg per dose. So, you want to maximize the delivery process as much as possible. You should always take CBD oil sublingually, allowing the liquid to absorb under the tongue. Keep the oil above the mucosal membrane for 30-60 seconds; the longer, the better. The CBD you swallow must be processed by the liver rather than going into your bloodstream directly.

Orange Country 1500mg CBD Oil

OC CBD products, including the 1500mg CBD Oil, are available at Express CBD. We carry two additional flavours, mint and apple. Additionally, buying through our online store can save up to 20% if you purchase your CBD oil in bulk.

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