CBD Vegan Gummy Bears by CanBe
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Product Review of 800 mg CBD Vegan Gummy Bears by CanBe

When indulging in some sweets, my go-to option is typically gummy candies. I love the sour, sweet, soft, and chewy qualities of a gummy. Add some CBD into the blend and I am sold! 

Over the years, I have become more particular about the gummy candies I purchase. Many edibles can be loaded with less than desirable ingredients, dyes, and preservatives, particularly with gummy products. Although many of these ingredients are still totally safe to consume, some may prefer cleaner options.

The CBD Vegan Gummy Bears by CanBe are the perfect combination of sweetness and texture, sure to leave any edible lover satisfied. These fruity little bears are the perfect twist on a childhood classic. With these bears, you can add nourishing your inner child to your wellness routine. 

Product overview

These bears are remarkably similar to the OC CBD Gummy Bears flavour and recipe. They are sweet, soft, chewy, and do not leave any canna-flavour on your tongue. 

These vegan and gluten free gummy bears are infused with 32 mg of CBD each, with 25 bears in a jar (totaling 800 mg CBD). CanBe crafts these candies with their award winning broad spectrum CBD oil. All of their products contain no THC and are GMO, pesticide, and solvent-free

CBD Vegan Gummy Bears by CanBe
CBD Vegan Gummy Bears by CanBe

My experience

I typically like to take a dose between 30-40 mg of CBD. This helps me stay better focused and manage my stress throughout the day. One gummy bear was the perfect starting point for me. 

It took roughly 40-50 minutes to take effect on a full stomach. Overall, my experience of the effects were mellow but emotionally and mentally brightening. It is pretty easy to get overwhelmed these days, with so much conflict and responsibility in the modern age. These gummies did a great job at softening my anxiety, while not numbing me to my thoughts or feelings. 

I was able to fully process my thoughts and feelings, without the intensity and panic I felt without CBD. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone who gets bogged down by stress or work-related fatigue. 

Pros and Cons

The best parts about this product

  • These are vegan, gluten-free – a great option for anyone with dietary restrictions.
  • The flavours and recipe are some of the best out there. 
  • Each package comes with a QR code that details all of the testing results for each batch. CanBe does an excellent job at keeping their customers informed and safe. 

Some Things to be aware of before taking these edibles

  • Delicious and soft treats require a little extra care. Make sure you keep these out of direct sun to preserve their quality and effects. 
  • Also, be careful, you’ll want to eat more than 1 or 2 – but never exceed 70 mg in one day.

800mg CBD Vegan Gummy Bears - 25 Pieces by CanBe

CanBe's 800mg CBD Vegan Gummy Bears provide 800mg of broad-spectrum CBD in a delicious, THC-free, and vegan-friendly form. 25...

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