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Product Review of CBD Bottles by Supreme CBD

I have really noticed a major improvement in my focus and mood stability since I added CBD edibles into my daily wellness routine. Though many gummies come in a single flavour per package, I have found it can be a special sweet treat when a CBD brand sells a variety of flavours in a single package. When exploring some options for CBD edibles that came in multi-flavour packs, I found CBD Bottles by Supreme CBD.

This fun twist can keep things interesting when soothing your mind and body with CBD. It can feel almost like a 4-in-1 deal when a CBD edible comes in a multi-flavour pack. Each flavour offers a unique and fun experience, rather than the same thing every day. CBD Bottles by Supreme CBD do just that, with their fruity medley of gummies.

Product overview

Supreme CBD’s bottle gummies come infused with 56 mg of broad spectrum CBD per piece. This offers an extra-strength CBD experience that most other gummies cannot compare to. 

The gummy bottles come in a mix of four fruity flavours that you must try for yourself! They are colored and flavoured with all-natural, plant-based ingredients to ensure a very delicious and mouth-watering experience. 

Though they are a slightly higher dose than other CBD edibles, they are recommended for both beginners and experienced CBD users alike. 

CBD Bottles by Supreme CBD
CBD Bottles by Supreme CBD

My experience

First, I must say that the flavour and texture of these gummies are some of my favorites I have tried from Express CBD’s line up of edibles. 

They are super sweet, soft, and chewy – but never stick to your teeth! The amazing fruity flavour was spot on – the orange bottle tastes exactly like my favorite orange candy chew. These edibles are blended perfectly with the broad spectrum oil, and you can barely taste a bitter or planty flavour. 

The effects took about 45-50 minutes to notice, but I was so impressed with how it felt. Due to the high dose, this was a great product for treating chronic pain and inflammation. I could tell the difference in my shoulders and wrists as the CBD took effect, offering me more mobility and comfort. 

This is the perfect product for managing physical fatigue and pain throughout the day. Not only did I feel more at ease completing my daily tasks, I also felt the CBD helped me rest and recover from the day as well. Decreasing the impact of physical stress made a profound difference in my motivation the next day, even though I wasn’t actively feeling the CBD anymore, I could tell the difference it made for me physically. 

Supreme CBD Bottles are a tasty treat that really shows the potential of CBD for maintaining physical well-being. 

Pros and Cons

The best parts about this product

  • The higher level dose of 56 mg makes a profound difference for pain relief.
  • These bottles are formulated and flavoured perfectly – you almost can’t even tell they are a CBD edible. 
  • Broad spectrum CBD is a great way to experience the full-bodied benefits of CBD, as the minor cannabinoids work synergistically with CBD to provide noticeable relief. 

Things to be aware of before taking

  • Due to the high-strength of this product, I recommend going slowly and never taking more than one gummy at a time (particularly for anyone new to CBD). 

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