LVWell CBD Raw Cherry Oral Drops
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Product Review of LVWell CBD Raw Cherry Oral Drops

High quality, extra strength full spectrum tinctures can often be hard to come by, and relatively expensive. LVWell CBD raw cherry oral drops offer a unique opportunity for deep full bodied relief with a flavourful and easy to dose tincture. 

When it comes to flavouring ingredients, many CBD companies will stick to the tried and true citrus, pine, and cannabis-specific terpene blends to target the energizing or sedative effects of cannabinoids and terpenes. Terpenes are just one of many different types of aromatic compounds found in hemp and other medicinal plants. Volatile compounds like esters, aldehydes, and lactones are present in many different plants, and provide their own unique effects, textures, and tastes. 

Sometimes these effects can manifest as creative inspiration, mental relaxation, reduction in inflammation, and better recovery from physical discomfort. 

This CBD oil offers a unique twist on most other terpene-flavoured blends, as it is made with an all natural cherry extract. 

Product overview

The LVWell Raw Oral 3000 mg contains a formulated blend of extracts and hemp distillates infused into hemp seed oil. Each bottle contains roughly 900mg of CBD (30%). The full spectrum oils used in this tincture contain other minor cannabinoids like CBC and CBG. 

Test results for their CBD oil are available online, and are supplied by third party laboratories in the UK. 

LVWell CBD Raw Cherry Oral Drops
LVWell CBD Raw Cherry Oral Drops

My experience

I opted to follow the dosing instructions as described on the bottle, suggesting to take 5 drops under the tongue two times daily. My initial impression was the amazing and fruity flavour of the cherry extract. It is not sweet, and has the qualities of a fresh, tart, dark cherry. Very rich and deep berry notes that paired well with the bitterness of the CBD extract. 

It took roughly 30 minutes to notice the effects and they were very pleasant. Overall I felt my mood improved and I was able to focus with more mental clarity. It was subtle physically, I almost didn’t really notice any physical effects. 

Though, I feel the more I consistently use a high concentrated CBD tincture, I can begin to feel the physical pain relieving benefits after a few days of regular use. Taking this tincture throughout a wilderness first aid training program was especially helpful. I was on my feet, squatting, and carrying heavy equipment. The CBD oil helped me recover each night and feel mentally and physically rested each day to get the most out of the program. 

I would highly recommend this tincture for people who enjoy high-strength full spectrum CBD that won’t make you feel groggy. It’s also perfect for anyone that prefers tart cherry and other complex fruit flavours that aren’t super sugary. 

Pros and Cons

The best parts about this product

  • The isolate and full spectrum CBD blend make this a very potent and effective CBD product. 
  • The cherry flavour is mild and pairs well with the flavour of the hemp oils and CBD extracts. 

Things to be aware of before taking

  • The hemp carrier oil is a little more bitter than other traditional carrier oils like MCT. This can leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth or a film of oil on your teeth after dosing.
  • It is possible with some full spectrum oils or high doses of CBD to experience dry mouth. 
  • Do not exceed 2 doses per day to stay below the recommended 70 mg of CBD per day. 

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