Supreme CBD Gummies Review
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Supreme CBD Superstrength CBD Strawberries Review

While there’s no shortage of gummies on the UK CBD market, few reign supreme. Considering value, taste, content, and reputation, Supreme CBD is among the premiere cannabinoid hemp companies in the game.

You’ve likely heard the name, but if you haven’t tried Supreme CBD products, you’re in luck. We are reviewing the Strawberry Super Strength CBD Gummies so you can get an idea of what to expect before making a purchase.

Supreme CBD Overview

As mentioned, Supreme CBD is a well-known, highly respected CBD manufacturer in the UK. Look no further than their 4.8-star Trustpilot rating on over 6,000 reviews or endorsements by celebrities, influencers, athletes, and medical professionals.

However, hype or popularity is not always an indicator of quality. While Supreme CBD is a renowned brand and has a massive selection of products, what’s inside the gummies is what counts at the end of the day.

What’s in the Broad-Spectrum CBD Gummies?

If you are looking for a highly effective, tasty way to deliver significant amounts of CBD into your body, these may be one of your best options online. The CBD Strawberry Super Strength Gummies come in a hefty container containing approximately 70 gummies. Each gummy has around 68mg of CBD for a whopping total of 4,800mg.

Supreme CBD Gummies Review
Supreme CBD Gummies Review

These gummies are broad-spectrum, meaning you’ll find other cannabis compounds in the 3rd party lab test, but they are free from any detectable THC. Broad spectrum is the best way to experience the entourage effect if you aren’t comfortable with THC entering your system. Upon review of the lab report , the secondary cannabinoid is CBG, but you’ll also find traces of CBC and CBN.

All ingredients are 100% natural in every Supreme CBD product. However, as you may have guessed, CBD gummies aren’t the healthiest way to deliver cannabinoids. Sugar is the most abundant ingredient in the candy. Other ingredients include a gelling agent, fruit juice, and broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD extract. 

Type of Gummy

Assuming you’re a gummy connoisseur like we are, how the candy is constructed is a big deal. All gummies are not built the same, so it’s essential we provide an accurate description of the CBD Strawberry Gummies from Supreme CBD. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Sugary coating
  • Soft texture
  • Juicy
  • Easy to chew
  • Gooey center
  • Quickly dissolves

How Do Supreme CBD Strawberry Gummies Taste?

While gummies generally don’t shine from a health perspective, that’s not why we keep coming back. We love gummies because they are fun, delicious, and easy to take. We want to enjoy our daily dose of CBD, not dread the lingering taste of raw hemp extract in our mouth. That’s where gummies shine, and Supreme CBD’s offering did not disappoint.

A delicious burst of strawberry flavor completely masks the hemp taste. Each gummy delivers a mouthwatering explosion of fruit juice that will have you digging deep to stop yourself from eating another.

CBD Gummy Pro Tips

In general, gummies are an efficient way to deliver CBD. While not quite as effective as vaping or sublingual oil, there’s nothing wrong with cannabinoid delivery in gummy form. However, if you want to maximize your CBD bioavailability, try to keep the gummy in your mouth as long as possible. Due to how juicy CBD Supreme gummies are, you can absorb a ton of cannabinoids through the mucosal membrane under your tongue to maximize effectiveness.

Where Can You Buy CBD Supreme Gummies?

You can find CBD Strawberries from Supreme CBD online here. As mentioned above, the brand offers a ton of different ways to enjoy CBD, so be sure to check out the complete product line at Express CBD.

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