Bnatural All Purpose Balm in Rosemary and Ginger
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Bnatural All Purpose Balm Product Review.

Sometimes a little at home self care can really hit the spot. For anyone who is on their feet or at a desk all day long, repetitive motions can leave you stiff and even in pain. When it comes to physical fatigue and aching, CBD has promising results via its anti-inflammatory and gentle effects. 

I am always excited to try a new CBD topical for this very reason! Though, there are a few musts in terms of quality. Elements like texture, scent, and even the synergy of botanical ingredients are key to a top shelf CBD balm. 

Bnatural All Purpose Balm really hits the mark, for a therapeutic and spa-worthy luxury product. 

Bnatural All Purpose Balm in Rosemary and Ginger
Bnatural All Purpose Balm in Rosemary and Ginger

Product overview

The All Purpose Balm is infused with both 900 mg of CBD and 100 mg of CBG. This combination of major and minor cannabinoids boosts the benefits of this product beyond its pain relieving effects. The addition of CBG in this product helps defend against oxidative stress and pollutants on this skin. It is a great option for anyone living in cities and places with poor air quality as an additional aid for skin health. 

Infused with ginger and rosemary essential oils, this CBD balm is made with top notch botanical ingredients meant to encourage circulation on the skin’s surface. Some of its base ingredients include coconut oil and shea butter, to nourish and hydrate the skin, making the CBD penetrate deeper. 

My experience

This product itself is a whole experience. The texture and whip of the balm is so silky and smooth, making it easy to apply on warm or cold skin. The rosemary and ginger fragrance is so yummy, and warms the skin after applying. 

I opted to try it after a warm shower, for extra relief and absorption. The initial sensation was warming with an amazing ginger top note. The rosemary was intoxicating but both scents were incredibly subtle. It felt like a product used in a professional spa. 

Effects took about 30-45 minutes, but there was noticeable relief in my hands. It brought down some joint pain and swelling in my wrists. It was such a delicate blend of oils I also tried it on my lips and face, the shea butter was so moisturizing. 

I would highly recommend this balm for anyone that wants a warming winter CBD topical, who also may want to treat dry skin. Though the scent is so good, it could truly be used any time of year.

Pros and Cons

The best parts about Bnatural all purpose balm

  • Rosemary offers additional anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial effects.
  •  Topical applications of ginger have been used to treat metabolic problems associated with anxiety and depression. 
  • The smooth and well-mixed formula is perfect! So light on the skin but so deeply moisturizing. 

Things to be aware of before using

  • Occasionally, CBG can bring on some sedative effects, which can be amazing for treating stressed-out muscle tissues, but may make you groggy if you use it in high quantities. It’s always good to try a new topical with a sample patch of skin before using regularly. 

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