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American Made Hemp: Buds Bounty CBD

When it comes to sourcing the best quality hemp in the world, we look to the north west United States of America. Some of the most lush and regenerative farming projects in this region have led the way on developing the best medicinal cannabis products we have seen on the market. 

Especially when so much hemp and CBD isolate is imported internationally, it can feel good to support domestic hemp brands who put quality first. In this article we will spotlight Buds Bounty, a brand developed by Brand Nutrition that produces compassionately priced and unique CBD products delivered to your front door. 

How It All Started

This US brand started in 2014, when their founder became inspired by the medical promises of CBD extract. They began developing products, infused with their own farm grown hemp in Oregon’s Rogue Valley. 

They have partnered with GMP-certified manufacturing facilities out of Pennsylvania, where their extensive line of CBD products are made. 

CBD Products For All

Buds Bounty is committed to offering select CBD products meant to target and treat specific symptoms. Whether you’re looking for relief from chronic joint pain, restlessness, or perhaps your dog gets bad car anxiety – they are a product for everyone in your family. 

CBD isolate

Purified CBD, or CBD isolate is the crystalline form of CBD extracted from the hemp flower’s resin. This highly concentrated version of CBD is great for treating symptoms related to chemotherapy and other serious chronic pain. It is stripped of the other botanical compounds, so it may have a slightly different effect on mood than some other hemp products. 

Choose from tinctures, gummies and topical oils for targeted relief!

Full spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD is a less refined oil than CBD isolate. It is rich with other plant compounds found in the hemp’s resin, some of which work synergistically with CBD and essential oils to provide deeper relief from stress, fatigue, and other nervous system imbalances. 

Bounty CBD offers both freshly cured CBD flowers and tinctures on the full spectrum CBD line. The flowers are similar to a chem dog variety of cannabis, going by the name CBDawg. 

Pet products

When it comes to pet care, Buds Bounty really takes the cake on full body care. Not only do they carry a line of pet safe tinctures for daily use, but they also offer Salves for paws and noses as well as a pet friendly CBD bath bomb for your pup. 

These slaves are great as a natural anti-microbial and healing topical that is safe for your pets to lick. Cracked paws or itchy toes are no match for their salve stick that makes applying the salve a breeze. 

Now your dog can medicate with CBD by taking a warm bath, aiding with deep penetration of the CBD for joint and muscle relief. 

Buds Bounty CBD Will Restore Balance And Ease In Your Life

Discover more about the benefits of CBD at Brand Nutrition’s online store, where you can learn about the many uses of CBD and shop their three lines of products. 

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