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The CBD Edible You Must Try: 100mg CBD Chocolate Bar

As the CBD market expands, the quality of edibles has improved and even moved into the gourmet products market. Research has shown a lot of promise around other plant based ingredients synergistically working with CBD to offer even more medicinal properties.

Ingredients like chocolate, have been shown to have complimentary effects to that of CBD. In fact, these two plant products both support nervous system function and reduce inflammation in the body – the leading cause of most illness and disease.

If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth and receive all the benefits of CBD without the gummies, CBD chocolate may be your next favorite treat.

The benefits of CBD infused chocolate

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is rich in flavanols such as epicatechin and catechin, along with anthocyanins and phenolic acids. All of these compounds play a role in protecting your cells from inflammation, support healthy brain function. This can positively impact your immune system function and cardiovascular health.

These effects can be directly compared to CBD and other cannabinoids, as they impact and help regulate the nervous system, impacting inflammation and brain function. CBD, when taken in small doses long term, can aid in regulating hormonal responses in the body; offering potential relief from mood instability, stress, or even PMS symptoms.

High dose vs. low dose CBD chocolate

When finding your ideal dose of CBD, you must first determine if you would prefer a lower or higher dose. Both have their own benefits to consider:

Low dose CBD is more common, and recommended to anyone trying CBD for the first time. The effects are subtle, and become more noticeable over a long period of use. This could look like taking a 10-50mg dose daily for three weeks at a time. Someone might prefer this dose to help with emotional and mental symptoms of stress, or even sleeplessness.

On the other hand, a high dose of CBD can be great for immediate relief from anxiety or physical discomfort. A dose of 50-500mg will provide stronger anti-inflammatory effects. Higher doses can feel sedative, so it’s important to start lower and increase your dose slowly and wait at least 45-60 minutes before redosing CBD.

CBD is also known to have biphasic effects, meaning there is a bell curve of effectiveness. This is because both extremely high and extremely low doses are equally ineffective. A little patience when finding your sweet-spot can go a long way!

Three 100mg CBD chocolate bars you should know about

It’s common to find CBD chocolate bars dosing based on the breakable pieces, similar to the classic chocolate bars you’d find at your grocery store. Each piece is often 5-15mg of CBD, making it easy to know how much you’re taking.

100mg CBD chocolate bars are a great option for those looking to experiment with low dose CBD, or perhaps as an indulgence when you really need some relief. Simply eat a corner, or maybe a full bar depending on your needs.

When enjoying a full CBD candy bar as a snack, it’s important to find something delicious and well-made – as the better the chocolate and ingredients, the more beneficial it will be! Here are three excellent CBD chocolate bars with 100mg of CBD.

Horn Creek Hemp

This Jacksonville, OR based CBD brand offers a line of four unique artisan chocolate bars infused with 100 mg of CBD. Horn Creek Hemp Chocolate Bars contain full spectrum CBD oil, so it is rich with novel, trace cannabinoids that complement the CBD and cocoas medicinal properties. They are a small batch brand that cultivates their own hemp used in the products. Select from four dreamy flavors including Oregon Mint and Peanut Butter.

KIVA Espresso CBD

One of the legacy brands in the cannabis space, KIVA has been producing high-quality edibles longer than most mainstream cannabis brands. They offer a decadentEspresso Dark Chocolate CBD 1:1 that will surely leave you feeling sweet and a little stoney. This chocolate is a little different as it is also infused with 100mg of THC, creating a stronger hypnotic effect. Each serving contains 5mg of CBD and 5mg of THC, meaning it is a more subtle dose of each, creating an uplifting and heady experience perfect for a relaxing afternoon or night time treat.

Schoppee Farm Belgian Chocolate

This small New England brand Schoppee Farm was built on farmland of south eastern Maine and is operated by eighth generation farmers, dedicated to restorative, clean farming. Their classic line of CBD chocolate bars feature a milk, dark, and white chocolate bar all infused with 100mg of CBD extract directly from their coastal farms.

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