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Cautious Cannabis Consumption: Nature Only CBD Gummies and Other Questionable Hemp Myths

It is all too easy to get lost in the endless information out there about CBD and hemp. As CBD gained popularity, brands began to pivot and treat it as a superfood ingredient. Although there are significant benefits to taking CBD, this can be misleading when products aren’t produced with efficacy in mind.

Here we will break down everything you need to know about selecting quality CBD products, and avoiding the scams and misinformation.

Choosing quality CBD and cannabis

As the CBD market becomes more established, there are increasing standards for quality control. CBD is considered a new drug product under federal regulation, and thus is treated similarly to other natural products like essential oils or health supplements.

This means there is still room for improvement on product standards, so finding brands that are fully transparent about their quality standards is key.

When selecting a CBD product you will want to confirm if the batch has been third party tested. This can be found on the brand’s website or perhaps through a QR code on the packaging. The certificate of analysis will often list the potency of the CBD extract used, the higher the potency, the cleaner and more effective the CBD will be for accurate dosing.

Lastly, dosing is essential for the effectiveness of a CBD gummy or topical. A dose too small may not produce any effect. It is recommended to try doses between 5mg-50mg if you are new to CBD.

The top CBD myths to watch out for

Beyond product selection, it is common to see misconceptions when it comes to the conversation around CBD uses unbacked by critically examined studies. Marketing of natural products has significantly impacted the language used around CBD – leading to ineffective and expensive products that waste your time and money.

Here are the biggest myths in CBD to avoid:

Hemp seed oil vs. CBD oil

The beauty market has taken CBD by storm – based on the promising results of CBD as a beneficial skin care ingredient. There are now products infused with hemp seed oil, claiming to offer the same medicinal effects as a CBD extract.

Unfortunately, hemp seed oil is derived from the seeds of the hemp plant. This part of the plant does not contain CBD, the active compound found in the resin of hemp flowers. Although hemp seed oil is rich in fatty acids and moisturizing compounds, it will not offer the same benefits as a CBD infused oil.

You can bust this myth simply by checking the CBD milligram count on the packaging. If a product is infused with only hemp seed oil they will not list the concentration of CBD in their product.

CBD won’t appear on drug screenings

So this one isn’t totally true, but it’s a little more complicated than it looks. CBD isolate, a purified form of CBD will likely never appear on a drug screening, however, full spectrum CBD oils might. This is because they are rich with many different cannabinoids (like CBD, CBC, CBN, THCV). Some of these cannabinoids are known as ‘precursors’ to THC/THCA, meaning they are part of the building blocks to produce THC and other molecules.

It’s best to avoid consuming any full spectrum or broad spectrum products if you do not want to be tested for cannabis in your system.

Nature Only CBD Gummies

As seen on the reality series, Shark Tank, Nature Only CBD Gummies have created an interesting buzz online. The product is no longer available for purchase, however there are rumors that it may be involved in a product scam, involving imitation gummy products.

It is a good idea to check with your local CBD retailer as a trusted source on what CBD products are regulated and approved for retail on the market. When unregulated products are manufactured, they can often have contaminants, heavy metals, or potentially inaccurate dosing. Avoid this by vetting a brand’s testing protocols and with the support of your local bud tender.

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