Are CBD drinks safe?

Exploring the Safety Aspects of CBD-Infused Beverages

Are CBD Drinks Safe?

With the rapid influx of new CBD products flooding the market, distinguishing the safe and innovative from the potentially flawed or unsafe is quite the task. CBD drinks have emerged as a pioneering development in CBD edibles, triggering advancements in product formulations that push the boundaries of cannabinoids.

Are CBD drinks safe? This article delves into the latest innovations in CBD edibles while shedding light on the safety concerns surrounding CBD-infused beverages.

Universal safety with CBD

Safety parameters for CBD-infused products remain consistent:

  • Quality sourced CBD derived from the hemp plant.
  • Third-party testing ensures products are free from contaminants like heavy metals and biological materials.
  • Accurate dosing achieved through best practice manufacturing techniques.

CBD drinks, gummies, and tinctures share relatively similar benefits and risks. Overdosing might yield minor symptoms like dizziness or dry mouth. This is outweighed by the remarkable support for mood stability and natural pain relief. We are still learning about the intricacies of dosing CBD. Ultimately, regulations need to pave the way for a deeper understanding backed by research. 

Much of what we understand about CBD and its uses is mostly anecdotal evidence. While much of the market is accelerating in product development, we are still a ways away from understanding the full medical implications. 

New ingredient technology

Nanoemulsion CBD Drinks have emerged, enhancing CBD’s bioavailability by seamlessly suspending it within the drink. Over the last five years, Nano-CBD has revolutionized CBD products, enabling brands to infuse water-based products with CBD sans the previously noticeable textures, flavors, or milky appearances common in beverage products (from those icky emulsifying agents).

Nanoemulsified cannabinoids, due to their enhanced bioavailability, can feel twice as potent as traditional cannabinoids. This raises concerns about the safety implications of unintentionally consuming overly potent doses due to the quality of nano-CBD.

Regulations in the UK may reshape how we drink CBD

The surge in popularity for CBD products has encountered a hurdle in the UK, as food regulators revised the recommended daily intake for adults to merely 10mg. That is substantially less than the previous legal limit of 70mg. This move leaves retailers offering sweets and drinks with doses surpassing the new recommendation in a perplexing situation.

The updated advice highlights potential long-term adverse effects with increased CBD consumption, correlating higher intake with risks akin to harmful products like alcoholic drinks. 

Enjoy CBD in all its forms

To consume CBD beverages safely:

  • Stay updated on evolving regulations in your area
  • Source CBD from reputable UK suppliers to ensure product safety and compliance

Drink CBD responsibly and stay informed to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of CBD regulations, ensuring a safe and enjoyable CBD experience. Many products that test higher than the new maximum dosing limits remain in a ‘limbo’ area, and are still available. Regardless of the dose of your CBD edible or drink, it is key to a safe and happy CBD experience to dose modestly and buy from licensed retailers across the UK. 

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